24 People that actually look like Disney cartoon characters

November 9, 2017 9:01 pm Last Updated: November 9, 2017 9:01 pm

Here are a few people that look like they just came out of a Disney land. Are they fashionable? Are they curious or cool? You be the judge.

How would you feel if you were told you looked like a Disney cartoon character?  Mr. Potato Head from ‘Toy Story’ maybe? Or how about Aladdin from… well, ‘Aladdin’? Would that be cool or weird? Would that make us get picked on or get popular? Well, if you’re not sure, we’ve managed to find 24 real-life Disney characters: from Elsa from ‘Frozen’ to Prince Adam from ‘Beauty and the Beast’—and we have to say, some of them are not bad!

1. This Ukrainian looks like Ursula from The Little Mermaid

This Ukrainian Judge Looks Like Ursula From Little Mermaid
Credit: Twitter | MitryKhitry

 2. This old man looks like Carl from Up

This Old Man Looks Like Carl From Up
Credit: Reddit | Z3F

 3. This person looks like Linguini from Ratatouille

This Person Looks Like Linguini From Ratatouille

4. This scout kid looks like Russel from ‘Up’

This Scout Kid Looks Like Russel From Up

5. Khal Drogo from ‘Game of Thrones’ looks like Scar from ‘Lion King’.

Khal Drogo Looks Like Scar From Lion King

6. Nicky Minaj looks like Mrs. Potato Head.

Nicky Minaj Looks Like Mrs Potato Head
Credit: Reddit | Balarama

7. This Asian girl looks like Flash from ‘Zootopia’.

This Asian Girl Looks Like Flash From Zootopia

8. Jean Sarkozy looks like Prince Adam from ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Jean Sarkozy Looks Like Prince Adam From Beauty And The Beast

9. This guy looks like Hiro Hamada from ‘Big Hero 6’ (which one is the cartoon?)

This Person Looks Like Hiro Hamada From Big Hero 6
Credit: Glaux

10. A little girl named Izzy looks like Merida from ‘Brave’.

My Daughter Izzy Looks Like Merida From Brave
Credit: Facebook | Heather Mosher Photography

11. Lisa Edelstein looks like Mother Gothel from ‘Tangled’.

Lisa Edelstein Looks Like Mother Gothel From Tangled

12. Another chick looks like Mary Katherine from ‘Epic’.

My Friend Looks Like Mary Katherine From Epic
Credit: Tumblr | apbajs

13. Steve Harvey looks like Mr. Potato Head from ‘Toy Story’.

Steve Harvey Looks Like Mr. Potato Head

14. This Kid looks like Andy from ‘Toy Story’.

This Kid Looks Like Andy From Toy Story

15. The Former Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix looks like Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty

The Former Queen Of The Netherlands Beatrix Looks Like Merryweather From Sleeping Beauty
Credit: Marieke Wichern

16. These crazy canines look like Shenzi, Banzai And Ed from ‘The Lion King’.

These Hyperactive Dogs Look Like Shenzi, Banzai And Ed From Lion King

17. Chris Hemsworth looks like John Smith from ‘Pocahontas’.

Chris Hemsworth Looks Like John Smith From Pocahontas

18. This girl looks like Elsa from ‘Frozen’.

This Girl Looks Like Elsa From Frozen
Credit: Instagram | Anna Faith

19. Wilford Brimley looks like the King from ‘Cinderella’.

 Wilford Brimley Looks Like The King From Cinderella
Credit: Bryan Bedder

20. This fighter looks like Quasimodo from ‘The Hunchback Of Notre Dame’.

This Boxer Looks Like The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Credit: Reddit | 201241643

21. This lady looks like Cruella De Vil from ‘101 Dalmatians’.

This Lady Looks Like Cruella De Vil From 101 Dalmatians
Credit: Flickr | bob mercer

22. Danny DeVito looks like Phil from ‘Hercules’… sort of.

Danny DeVito Looks Like Phil From Hercules

23. Prince looks like just like Jafar from ‘Aladdin’.

Prince Looks Like Jafar From Aladdin

24. And last, but not least… Joe Jonas looks a lot like Aladdin!

Joe Jonas Looks Like Aladdin