15 photos of smiling animals to get you through the week

October 30, 2017 2:22 pm Last Updated: October 31, 2017 4:09 pm

These 15 smiling animals can make your day—their ‘smiles’ are very contagious. Animal behaviorists say animals have their own way of expressing their emotions. Many pet owners and animal lovers believe that their pets smile and express happiness.

We are not sure if animals can really express their happiness with wide ‘grins’, but animals do experience emotions like fear, anger, sadness, and happiness, and even complex emotions, like jealousy or embarrassment.

So if you feel stressed today at work or at home, these pictures can make you smile.

#1. That’s really a cute smile!


#2. Sharing a joke with the flowers or maybe playing a piano on them!

#3. This one is over the moon for some reason!

©Reddit | Kigoloeg

#4. Very cheerful!

©Imgur | lemmons

#5. Dreaming and smiling!


#6. Such a handsome, cheerful baby!

©Reddit | JessyeAmeli

#7. That’s a bunny smile!

©Reddit | theGreatNoodlyOne

#8. Chuckles!

©Flickr | Nemodus photos

#9. Do you think this doggie is laughing to himself?

©Flickr | Julian Morales

#10. I just found a yummy treat! Can’t suppress my smiles!


#11. “Let’s pose together! Say cheese!”

©Imgur | datsucks

#12. Looks like this baby just got up from a sweet dream!

©Reddit | EL337

#13. Happiness! One can’t live without it!

©Reddit | MySubtleKnife

#14. Yay! It’s play time!


#15. “I’m so impressed with myself!”

©Flickr | moe-jito14