20 touching photos of heroic deeds show love is everywhere around the world

October 28, 2017 3:34 pm Last Updated: October 29, 2017 2:01 pm

We have compiled a list of 20 photos from all around the world proving that there are indeed decent people living among us. And in so doing, we hope to inspire a few more of us to be like them!

Although the world is often a chaotic place filled with hardships, and injustices, one only needs to turn on the TV to see what miseries go on around the globe—however there are still good people out there. We believe that deep-down human beings are generally good people, although we don’t always see it. Here, we have edited a list of people who allow that inner light shine through in their lives, at least in one form or another. Perhaps these heart-warming images will add a little more inspiration to your life. Enjoy!

1. Italy

Meet Antonio La Cava, a retired school teacher who modified a 3-wheeled motor vehicle into a mobile library which houses over one thousand books. He now travels around Italy in his ‘Bibliomotocarro’ promoting literacy among kids.

Credit: Yandex

2. Norway

A couple of young gentlemen heroically risked their lives to save a drowning lamb in the ocean. Here they are in the middle of this ordeal, and afterward.

Credit: Imgur | kittlez

3. Egypt

This image depicts Christians linked hand-in-hand protecting a group of Muslims while they prayed during while civil unrest was occurring. The second photo shows, in turn, Muslims joined hand-in-hand in protection of Christians during their Christmas celebrations.

Credit: 9GAG.com

4. Thailand

Credit: FAE

5. Belarus

As a senior citizen, Vyacheslav Kozel wanted to create something special for the kids in his neighbourhood. He built a water park, with a pool, a waterslide, volleyball courts, and a soccer field as well as a playground area.

Credit: pravda-tv

6. Afghanistan

In this photograph, an Afghani citizen shows his hospitality by offering an American soldier a cup of tea.

7. Bangladesh

A courageous young man lifts a soaking wet fawn from a river.

8. Taiwan

Kenyan athlete Jaqueline Kiplimo assists a disabled Taiwanese athlete to get a drink of water during a marathon in 2010.

9. Canada

Even while a turnstile was broken in this Canadian subway station, some honest folks decided it was only fair to pay their share.

10. Ukraine

As the rain starts pouring down, these considerate Israeli soccer players offer their jackets as protection for these young kids.

Credit: Новости Украины

11. China

Meet Guo Shijun, a young man from a poor family in China. Because he always dreamed of going to university, he was compelled to study hard, despite that he had to take care of his sick mother. After his father was paralyzed in an accident, Shijun was nearly forced to abandon his post-secondary prospects. Thankfully, the university officials allowed his father to live with him during the semester. The devoted young man neglected neither his studies nor his responsibilities to his parents.

Credit: Amusing Truth

12. Russia

After this twelve-year-old schoolboy discovered a wounded baby sparrow on the street in Minusinsk, Russia, he took it home and tended to its health. The boy and the bird, named Abi, are now inseparable.

Credit: media.zenfs.com

13. Bosnia and Herzegovina

A young girl offers two policemen a drink of water.

Credit: Azramag

14. Finland

A 20 Euro bill along with a note was posted in an apartment building hallway in Helsinki. The note reads “20 Euros. The money was found between the 1st and the 2nd floors on September 11th at 6.30 PM.”

Credit: JoyReactor

15. India

After discovering a baby elephant trapped in a muddy crevasse, over a dozen passengers of a train got out to free the struggling animal. They tried to sooth the young calf by offering food, while they awaited help from forest officials.

Credit: iNews

16. Australia

During the bushfires in Victoria, this firefighter attends to a scalded koala bear by offering it water from a bottle.

Credit: Reuters

17. Romania

A young child presents an offering, a heart-shaped balloon, to a policeman in full riot gear in Bucharest during the protests of the government austerity measures. He appears to have accepted it.

18. USA

A crowd of thousands of Christmas carolers gathered to sing outside the home of eight-year-old Delaney Brown, a girl who died of leukemia on Christmas day.

19. Brazil

An older gentleman offers his sandals to a destitute, barefoot young lady in Rio de Janeiro.

20. Serbia

And last but not least… young students graduating from Pirot High School forego fancy tuxedos and gowns during their prom in favor of black t-shirts and jeans; instead donating that extra money to help families with disabled children.