20 Cute children with the most awesome–nay, rock’n hairstyles

April 26, 2017 10:28 am Last Updated: April 26, 2017 10:28 am

When children get their hair, it’s always a bit exciting. Their personality comes out in how they or their parents do it up! Some kids get their hair a bit earlier than others however, and that’s even cuter! Here are a few kids who have a shocking amount of hair.

Parents can only guess what their kids will look like when they are older. But, some kids are born looking a little more mature from the get-go. Some have hair, some have teeth, some can talk… (well maybe not talk). Hair sure makes a difference in bringing out their personality though! Hair can tell a lot about a person’s character: messy hair can reflect a carefree personality; hair can be hip, cool or fun; hair can be neat or it can be just rock’n roll! Here are 20 kids who had full heads of hair (and a lot of personality to boot) at a very young age:

#1. This little blonde head lights up the room.


#2. This little one has got that cute bed head look!

Credits: Instagram/Yessum

#3. This 10-month-old  has a windswept look.

via Reddit

#4.  Love love me do! This cute child has “the Beatles” look. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Credits: Instagram/Jennifer Phelan

#5. This little one’s wonderful  whimsy of  soft black locks.


#6. Like a little Ron Weasley from Harry Potter days

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#7. Curly top

Credits: Instagram/Evelyn Osso

#8. “I like my hair simple and easy to style, no mess no fuss”

Credits: Baby Center Community/Addysmama2013

#9. This carefree kid with boss hair

Credits: Instagram/Jessica Karlovic

#10. This peek-a-boo baby whose hair is totally softer than yours… just joking.

Credits: Sanjin Đumišić

#11. This baby girl  has ready to go hair, with stunning eyes to match.

Credits: Instagram/Michael Rader

#12. Doing their best Donald Trump hair impression.

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#13. More hair than the average middle aged man.

Provided by Brandy Adams Cox

#14. Gotta love a white mop like this.

#15. You can tell this one is proud of her locks.

Credits: Facebook/David Kaplan

#16. What a lush crop of ginger hair.

Credits: Instagram/Jennifer Phelan

#17. She knows she looks good.

#18. Going for the perfect natural look.

Credits: Instagram/HairBoss

#19. When it’s been three weeks and you already need a combover, you know you’re doing something right.

Credits: Instagram/O L L I E – F I N N

#20. Hair in all the right places.

Credits: Facebook/Mommy Shorts
Next time you visit the hair stylist take baby along for a special treat!