Doctors can’t explain this newborn’s miraculous recovery from a life-threatening condition

August 7, 2017 3:53 pm Last Updated: August 7, 2017 3:53 pm

Call it what you want, but what happened to Casey and Jake’s newborn son Hunter is nothing short of a miracle.

Hunter was only two days old when his parents noticed something odd. He could only eat about a half ounce of formula at a time. He should have been able to eat two ounces at a time.

“Any more than that and he would spit everything back up, or any pressure on his stomach would make him spit back up,” Casey said of her son’s unusual eating habits, according to CBN.

Hunter was only two days old when his parents noticed something was wrong.

Casey and Jake brought the problem to the attention of his doctors, and x-rays revealed some type of mass in Hunter’s stomach. The mass took up about two-thirds of the newborn’s stomach, which prevented him from being able to eat very much. The mass was so large you could actually feel it.

“And that was probably the most heartbreaking part of it, is actually being able to feel the mass in his stomach that’s not letting him eat,” Jake said.

Doctors determined the mass they found was life-threatening.

Once doctors agreed that Hunter’s condition was life threatening, they told Casey and Jake that their little boy had to undergo surgery, immediately.

“I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t know what to say. You don’t expect to see that in your baby that’s two days old,” Casey said.

As the couple’s child was whisked away in a helicopter to a children’s hospital five hours away, Casey’s brother took to Facebook and asked friends and family to pray for little Hunter.

Hunter needed an operation to save his life.

As Casey and Jake drove to the children’s hospital the couple prayed that their baby would survive, but they knew their baby’s fate wasn’t in their control. Doctors told them that at the very least Hunter would need to stay in the hospital for two months, but it was a real possibility that he’d have to stay for at least six months.

While at the hospital, doctors took an ultrasound and confirmed there was something in Hunter’s stomach, so the surgery would go on as planned.

On the night before Hunter’s surgery, Casey was feeding her son and she noticed that he was able to drink all of his formula. She commented that she didn’t want to get her hopes up, so she was only cautiously optimistic.

After Hunter appeared to be eating better, doctors ordered another MRI.

On the morning of his surgery, Hunter had another MRI to make sure the doctors knew exactly what they were dealing with. However, they were surprised at the images they saw.

“A while later, the doctor came in and she had a strange look on her face, which scared me to death, it’s like something happened, you know, and it probably is not good,” Casey said. “But she came in and she said, ‘Okay, I have news for you.'”

Doctors could not find any evidence of the mass that previous doctors and Hunter’s parents were able to see on tests and feel for themselves.

“I remember looking at Casey and we just broke down and both started crying,” Jake said.

Doctors don’t know how to explain it, but Hunter was miraculously healed at the eleventh hour.

Today, Hunter is a healthy little boy who you would never know had dealt with a life-threatening condition at only two days old. Although they still can’t explain what happened to their little boy during the first week of his life, his parents will always be extremely grateful that he lived.

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