2-legged pup with birth defect thrown in garbage, gets love and prosthetic legs

April 26, 2017 10:29 am Last Updated: April 26, 2017 10:29 am

This pup, born with just two hind legs, was rescued from a garbage dumpster. After loads of love and care from his rescuers, as well as from his human family, he is now learning to walk on his prosthetic legs.

A two-legged pup named Cupid was found in a dumpster by a man outside a building in Toronto, Canada. The pup was just 7 weeks old at the time. With just two legs, there would be no way for the poor pooch to get out of the dumpster on his own. Since he was tied up in a plastic garbage bag, he faced certain death. The man who found him decided poor Cupid deserved to live, and tried to save the unfortunate animal.

Cupid was quickly rushed to an animal shelter in order to provide him with the expert attention and care he needed. But, the good Samaritan was disappointed when he was turned away due to the poor pups birth defect. The reason they cited was that they were ill-equipped to take care of such a dog—one who had no front legs.

The first thing Joan did was go to a veterinarian and make sure the pup was healthy.

Just as he was leaving disheartened and perplexed, and wondering what he should do next, two volunteers from the shelter approached the man, and took the pup promising to provide a caring place for him overnight. It was these two volunteers who—seeing his cute little heart shaped nose—named him Cupid. The great Pyrenees mix then spent the night safely in the care of the kind animal shelter volunteers. The next day, Joan Znidarec of The Dog Rescuers Inc., an organization dedicated to rehabilitating and re-homing needy dogs, took over.

Then, Joan went around on a mission looking for a kindhearted family who might agree to foster the dog, while she would arrange for prosthetic legs to be made for him.

Taking care of Cupid would be a great responsibility, since he had never learned how to walk on all fours; and it would require a lot of patience and hard work to get him to lead a normal life. But then Cupid had one major advantage to his credit: a very strong spirit!

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Joan understood the sense of responsibility a foster parent would need in order to take care of Cupid; and so she looked for a family who would be dedicated enough to care for his special needs.

“This little guy is an absolute love with the most adorable personality and a heart-shaped nose,” his rescuers wrote on Facebook, adding: “Cupid is in one of our foster homes, and has already stolen their hearts, and having a blast being a puppy.”

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The next step taken by Dog Rescuers Inc. was to team-up with a Canadian pet prosthetic manufacturer PawsAbility to fit Cupid with custom legs. But that alone was not enough. Cupid would also have to learn the art of balancing himself while walking on the prosthetics, and would need to develop sufficient muscle strength to do so. To start off the training process, they gave him a special set of prosthetic skis.

Although Cupid has currently been provided with prosthetic legs, as he grows up he will inevitably need new prosthetics.

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Cupid will need very special parents for his very special needs, which include: regular trips to the vet, an extra special diet and loads of love and affection.

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As Cupid’s foster mom puts it, he currently moves around by scooting on his chest while using his back legs to push.

His prosthetics are still being made. So in the meantime, Cupid now has skis that help him to learn to move around in a more upright position rather dragging himself.

This is all very new to him, and he is a little skeptical, but he’ll definitely get used to it after some practice!