16 photos of parents and children who look strikingly similar… #8 is unbelievable!

October 31, 2017 5:44 pm Last Updated: October 31, 2017 5:44 pm

We are a mix of our previous generations. But once in a while in this genetic lottery, the random chances accumulate, one hits a jackpot and voilà—the son looks like a perfect copy of his parent or grandparent, like the child has skipped a generation in terms of looks!

Have you ever come across a case when somebody mistakenly took the old photo of your grandparent and thought it was yours? Really, identical appearance of family members is not so uncommon after all. Before photography came into being, people could only resort to memory in order to appreciate such happenings. But now in the era of ubiquitous cameras and the “selfie fever,” we have much more material to compare with.

Here we present 16 such cases of surprising resemblance between family members.

1. Grandmother & granddaughter: Isn’t it a case of cheating? Somebody had to be given two matching photos!

Credit: Cdnpix

2. Great-grandmother & great-granddaughter photos prove the fact that DNA can wake up a “make surprises” after many generation gaps, and also that fashion is cyclical!

Credit: MyHeritage Blog

3. Amazing resemblance between mom and son!

Credit: qpic.cn

4. A classical example of mother-daughter similarity. If you could just Photoshop the color of hair …

©Facebook | Christine H McConnell

5. An amazing coincidence jackpot—not only friends are similar, but their sons are too!

©Reddit | dgm89

6. Father and son/son and grandson: Three generations’ similarity combo!

©Reddit | robinsonirwin

7. Father & daughter look alike: If they would have the same length of hair, it would be really hard to distinguish them!

8. Goodness … no way they look like grandfather and grandson!

Credit: Clipmass

9. Three sets of photos taken from multiple angles show the similarity between father and son!

Credit: Source: espresso

10. Like father, like son! This saying perfectly fits this picture …

Credit: blogspot

11. Maybe we should change the saying to “like grandfather, like grandson”

Credit: Amazonaws

12. Mother and daughter, look they are just the same! You can distinguish them only by the gaps in their teeth …

Credit: TrendMutti

13. Mom and daughter’s striking similarity. Change the angle of this photo a little bit, and you will get a perfect copy!

Credit: Imgur

14. Mother and firstborn/Daughter and firstborn

Credit: Imgur

15. Father-son or father-father, or the same person? You decide …

Credit: Yimg

16. Bonus time … Eleventh-generation descendant & Abraham Lincoln

Guess we would have to count this one as a case of reincarnation, in terms of resemblance … unbelievable!

Credit: bloggingisoverrated