14-year-old was babysitting her niece — then mom gets a horrifying text from her

August 23, 2017 11:02 am Last Updated: November 5, 2017 12:56 pm

Regardless of how kids can get themselves into insane circumstances, children beyond any doubt also have the courage to do the toughest things.

We are often asked not to leave our kids alone at home; they might get in trouble. You can’t teach a baby or a teenager to stay away from strangulation dangers but sometimes, your son or daughter know how to handle an emergency and demonstrate their smartest move.

Meet the brave girl who kept her niece safe while burglar ransacks their Montclair home, proving that the heroes come in all sizes.

Savannah Jones was babysitting her 4-year-old niece, Zoyee, at a home on Monte Vista Avenue. While relaxing at home and watching TV on the afternoon with her young niece, she heard a knock at the door.

As she was not expecting any guests, she was suspicious and decided to look through the peephole first before opening the door. She didn’t know anyone who could be visiting at this hour, so she went quietly.

Savannah saw an unfamiliar man standing on the porch—and he was already turning the doorknob. She immediately ran away to send a message to her mother about what was happening, without opening the door for the stranger.

“I kept staring at the door and hoping he wouldn’t try to open it,” she said.

She told her mom she was with Zoyee home alone—and there was a stranger knocking at the door trying to force their way in. And it was working.

“While I was standing here I saw the doorknob move,” Savannah said. She decided to move away and not open the door. Soon, the guy kicked in the door.

In the cleverest state of mind, she dragged herself out of danger. Instead of attending the man, she decided to hide her niece and herself in the master bedroom. They realized that staying in the room would not be safer, so, in smart move, they hurried to the bathroom rather than being in the room.

The man started walking through the house.

Seconds later, the burglar broke in their bedroom, but the girls remained calm.

Savannah described the terrifying moment by saying that she hid herself and her niece in the master bathroom while she texted her mother for help. “I had [my niece] hiding behind the toilet and I locked myself in there,” Jones said. They were scared and remained silent, being aware of the harm that intruder could cause to them.

Fortunately, the teen and her niece were able to safely conceal themselves.

For most youngsters got in this circumstance, they might not realize what to do. Perhaps they would cry or get frightened. Savannah, however, was instructed by her will power in an unexpected way.

Her parents had previously told her that if there was ever a crisis, she ought to go to a safe area. They’ve told her before to stay safe and not confront potentially dangerous strangers, and to send for help in what way she could. And that was exactly what she did.


After rooting around for valuables, the suspect left without discovering either girl. The police arrived and the suspect had gotten away, but did not manage to take anything important. But even after the Savannah’s description, it was difficult for the authorities to find the culprit. The suspect was described as black, bald, wearing a dark colored sweatshirt and jeans.

“Relief—and then knowing that he’s still out there, I don’t know,” she said.

Savannah was going through the whole range of emotions, but she now had her family around her to help process what had happened. To her family, Savannah is a hero.

“I was hiding behind the seat,” Zoyee said, explaining what Savannah had taught her.

Yesenia Barragan, Savannah’s sister, said “Savannah did the best thing. She was very smart, and I consider her a hero to my daughter.”