12-year-old was home alone when she hears strange noise, knows ‘something’s not right’—cops show up

January 3, 2018 5:53 pm Last Updated: January 3, 2018 5:54 pm

No young kid really enjoys staying at day care; they’d rather go straight home after school and wait for their parents to come home. But once they do get the chance to be home alone, they have to risk dealing with anything unexpected.

This includes home invasions.

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Taylor Blanton, 12 at the time, was relaxing by herself at home one day in 2015, waiting for her mother to come back from work.

She had been playing video games in the kitchen, like any other day. But something caught her attention.

Blanton heard noises from the front door; someone was trying to break in.

“Something’s not right,” she thought. When she saw him, she didn’t recognize him. This complete stranger that wanted to come in was suspicious enough.

He was knocking at the door, and Blanton peeked her head out from the side to keep an eye on the potential intruder.

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For her to be only 12 in this situation can be intimidating, to say the least. With her mother not home yet, she was all on her own. But instead of panicking, she took it into her own hands to make sure this man would be caught.

While the man was trying to find a way to get in, Blanton called 911.

She told the dispatcher, “There’s a guy trying to break in and I don’t know what to do.”

Blanton didn’t stumble over any words during the call, but did her best to remain calm throughout this ordeal.

The girl then was asked about what the man looked like.

“He’s wearing a red auburn T-shirt and he’s wearing a hat, and he has a rag in his back pocket,” she told the dispatcher. Even if she was scared, she was still able to describe what the man looked like in detail.

He made rounds going around the house, trying to get in through both the front door and garage. With the man looking like he wasn’t going to leave anytime soon, Blanton knew she had to do something.

She took out her phone, and started recording him.

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The girl even had her own hiding spot. At one point, she hid in her bedroom closet, just in case the man did break in.

“If he breaks in, I’m not just going to be sitting in a chair, like “Hi.”

She knew there had to be a backup plan should the house be broken into. Luckily, that never ended up happening. Before long, she heard the police sirens getting closer. She had been saved!

The man wasn’t at the house anymore when the cops arrived, though it wouldn’t take long before he was found.

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The suspect was caught a few blocks down from the house, all thanks to Blanton’s description of him.

Having to think on your feet in a dangerous situation is no easy task, especially when you’re not even old enough to drive. But Blanton was able to stay calm, and take action to make sure this man wouldn’t get away with this.

And perhaps the man wouldn’t have been arrested had the girl not recorded him. Blanton should be proud of herself for taking matters into her own hands.

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