Police responded to 911 call—realizes it’s a 12-year-old stealing. Then he sees what she took

"That's when I saw her home conditions"
September 29, 2017 5:19 pm Last Updated: September 30, 2017 9:56 am

It was Atlanta police Officer Che Milton’s first week on the job. For a police officer, where every day holds no promises and is always different from the next, it’s not easy to know exactly what to expect. One incident Milton attended would remind him exactly why it was he chose the career he did.

One of Milton’s first calls was to a shoplifting incident.

Milton was called to respond to a shoplifting call. When he arrived on the scene he began to take notes to document the story of the alleged perpetrator. As the story unfolded, it became obvious that this was not a call about a theft, but rather it was a call for mercy and a cry for help.

A 12-year-old girl had tried to steal a $2 pair of shoes from a nearby Family Dollar store. She explained that she was taking them to give to her 5-year-old-sister, who needed shoes but her family couldn’t afford to buy them. Milton questioned the girl, and as her tears began to flow, he asked the young girl where she lived and told her he would get her home safely.

When he reached her home, he was shocked: there was hardly any furniture.

When they reached the girl’s house, Milton escorted the young lady to the door and took a look inside: he was shocked.

“There were not enough beds for all of the children,” according to the City of Atlanta Police Department Facebook page.

The one piece of furniture in the entire home was an aging sofa, and “there was not much food in the home.”

The family was living in poverty.

The young girl’s mother was cradling a baby in her arms. There were five other children in the family, including the girl Milton brought back with him. He learned through talking with the mother that her husband was rarely around because he often worked out of town to help support the family.

The mother explained that because their father was not at home very often, she had to stay home to care for the younger children, so couldn’t work herself. Daycare was out of the question because of the cost. It was a heartbreaking tale.

Milton immediately felt compassion for the struggling family. He arranged for a social worker to help, then returned in the evening with four pizzas for all of them paid for out of his own pocket.

But that wasn’t the end of it.


When Milton’s supervisor found out what he did, he called Milton into his office. Was Milton going to get into trouble for not following procedure?

That was not the case at all. Milton’s supervisor had nothing but praise for him and was proud of his willingness to go above and beyond to help a family in desperate need. Milton was even awarded Officer of the Month.

Offers of assistance for the family poured in thanks to the Atlanta Police Facebook page.

After posting the story on their Facebook page, The Atlanta Police Department organized for donations of furniture, clothing, and baby supplies, and the response was truly amazing.

The community responded and a few months later, Office Milton returned with boxes of donations for the Staples family. He’s since made several visits to the family. Now they have everything they need.

As for 12-year-old Heaven, she learned a positive lesson from all of this and now wants to give back to her community by volunteering and donating old clothes, her mom told CNN.

Watch the wonderful story below: