11-year-old’s racehorse was the runt of the pack but years later he proves everyone wrong

July 7, 2018 2:56 pm Last Updated: July 7, 2018 2:56 pm

Winning a competition can take a lot of time, effort, and knowledge. It can take months of training and possibly thousands of dollars but, above all, it takes faith.

Breana Carsey had always dreamed of breeding and raising a champion racehorse but her father, Brian Carsey, said it would never happen. Over time, it seemed more and more like Brian was right but the day of the horse’s first race changed everything.

Breana Carsey’s dream was for MJB Got Faith to be a champion racehorse.

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The Carseys don’t live on a farm nor are they particularly well off. For five years, they waited to get a horse for their daughter, since they needed to rent stables.

When they finally bred a horse for Breana, she named him MJB Got Faith.

This name had a lot of meaning behind it. “MJB” was for the initials of Breana and her siblings and the “Got Faith” part was because she fully believed in him.

Brian, however, was far more skeptical. MJB was born a runt, tiny and ill-fit for racing.

Brian expected that Breana would realize this eventually, at which point he’d be able to sell the horse. Yet Breana was not willing to let that happen.

“She said ‘There’s no price, Daddy,'” Brian Carsey told CBS Sunday Morning. “So I’m talking to my wife like ‘We really got ourselves in a mess here!’

“I don’t really know how we’re gonna get out of this so we take him to the races.”

Breana’s dad, Brian, didn’t think MJB had what it took to race, yet Breana never gave up on him.

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Brian begrudgingly started training MJB alongside his daughter, but it wasn’t easy. MJB learned how to run with a harness but not very well.

He was slow and unsteady. MJB ran so slow that he almost didn’t qualify for their first race.

Brian thought for sure that MJB would place last. Yet, against the odds, he miraculously won first place!

After just one race, there was no concrete proof that MJB was fit for racing. His victory could have very well been a fluke. Still, Breana believed in him, and so he was entered in a second race.

MJB not only won his second race but his third and fourth as well. All these victories meant that MJB qualified for the 2015 Ohio Sire Stakes Championship in Columbus.

Against all odds, MJB Got Faith, won the championship for his state.

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Brian and Breana entered MJB in the championship.

By this point, Brian had learned that MJB’s success was not a fluke and that he had the makings of a champion. Still, he knew that MJB would face off against his stiffest competition yet. Their victory was by no means a guarantee.

“I said, ‘Baby, if he finishes third, you should be thankful,'” Brian said. “She said, ‘Daddy, if he finishes last, I’m going to be thankful but he’s gonna win.'”

And wouldn’t you know it? She was right! As MJB Got Faith crossed the finish line, 11-year-old Breana Carsey hugged her daddy and shrieked with excitement.

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Not only had MJB won the race, but Breana had also won $100,000. Half of her winnings were donated to her favorite animal charity, but the rest was saved, with the goal of getting the family a proper farm.

According to Harness Racing Update, Breana has since received both a book and a movie deal for her story although not much news has come out about that since 2016.

It’s easy to see why Hollywood would be drawn to this story as it’s certainly an underdog story for the ages!