11-year-old trick or treats for canned goods instead of candy. See the heartwarming reason why.

November 13, 2017 12:28 pm Last Updated: November 13, 2017 12:29 pm

Halloween is many kids’ favorite holiday—because of all the candy they can stuff themselves with at the end of the night.

But for 11-year-old Nickolas, it’s the joy of giving that makes Halloween special for him.

(KMBC 9 News Kansas City/Screenshot)

Nickolas Blair planned on spending his Halloween this year trick-or-treating. But instead of trying to get candy like every other kid his age, he wanted something else: canned goods.

The boy walked around his Greenwood, Missouri neighborhood in order to get canned goods to give the Hands and Feet of Jesus group, which helps feed the homeless. Nickolas said that he’s hurt that some people go without food, and he wants to make sure those people eat.

“I wanted to make those people feel better,” he said to KMBC 9. “And feel more, like, ‘Hey, we’re special.'”

(KMBC 9 News Kansas City/Screenshot)

This year, Nickolas’s costume was Sonic the Hedgehog. This is because he wanted to give those less fortunate “the speed of joy,” presumably as fast as Sonic is able to run. How clever is that?

Before the interview with KMBC 9, Nickolas had already collected a bunch of food—Cheerio’s, mac & cheese, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch—among other non-perishable foods were ready to be given to those who need it.

(Facebook / Natalie Blair)

Nickolas even made signs to go along with his cause. In the spirit of Halloween, he drew food with monsters, like a vampire drinking tomato soup. This kid is as creative as it gets!

Natalie, his mother, said, “When he came up with this idea, it touched our hearts, and we wanted to make sure it happened.”

Nickolas’ grandparents had put one of his signs on the Greenwood website, for all the residents to see. This not only showed the smart idea of this young boy, but this was also a message for the residents of Greenwood to get their non-perishables ready for Nickolas.

It takes a selfless boy to turn one holiday about receiving into giving. He did say, however, that if some people still gave him candy, he would not turn it down!

(Via Facebook)