11-year-old finds wallet with ‘huge sum of cash’, what he does with it—they post about it online

"Nice work, young man!!"
May 16, 2018 4:13 pm Last Updated: May 16, 2018 4:13 pm

Imagine you’re 11 years old and you find a wallet with a “large sum of cash” inside. What do you do?

Spend it on a bunch of snacks at the store? Put it towards the new game system you’ve been eyeing for the past several months? Give it to an authority figure?

A pre-teen found a wallet in Redwood City, California.

An 11-year-old recently found himself in a situation that for many will only ever be hypothetical. The boy stumbled upon a wallet in Redwood City, California.

In the wallet was a “large sum of cash” and various credit cards.

Rather than take the money for himself, he contacted the police.

Although it may have been easy for the boy to leave the wallet alone for someone else to take care of it or worse, steal, the 11-year-old decided to contact the local police department.

The Redwood City Police Department was more than happy to assist the boy in reuniting the wallet with its owner.

The police department was proud of the boy for coming forward with the wallet.

Luckily, Officer Villegas of the Redwood City Police Department was able to locate the wallet’s owner and return it to the man who was “very appreciative.”

An officer was able to return the wallet to the owner shortly after it was turned in.


If you find someone’s wallet it’s best if you turn the wallet over to the local police. While you can search for the owner on social media, return the wallet to the closest business where the wallet was found, or attempt to contact the owner’s credit card company, handing the lost property over to the police is often the best course of action.