11-year-old boy belts out ‘Let It Go’ at Idina Menzel concert—Then she asks him to sing it again

August 8, 2017 4:24 pm Last Updated: August 8, 2017 4:24 pm

Let it go! That’s what 11-year-old Luke Chacko had the opportunity to do twice with Idina Menzel, the Tony-Award winning actress, singer, and songwriter, made famous by starring in the Disney film Frozen.

Menzel was on tour recently in Grand Prairie, Texas.

A Huge Fan

Luke, being a huge fan of Menzel’s, was in the audience. “Her performance was amazing,” he shared in a critique of Menzel’s concert in an interview with local news station, WFAA.

“She talked to the audience. She took people on a journey, which is really important to music.”

Menzel asked for volunteers.

Menzel had to work much harder to get to the big stage than Luke has so far, but when given the opportunity, WOW! When Menzel asked for volunteers to join her on stage and help her sing, Luke jumped at the opportunity. (Video below!)

“He was the only boy, which caught her attention,” said Luke’s mother. “And the rest, I guess, as they say, is history.”

“Songs are for everyone…”

That history lived out was pretty spectacular, too. Getting a chance to sing Let It Go from Frozen, one of the most popular songs ever from one of the biggest movies of the last decade, was a dream come true for Luke.

“I know boys don’t like ‘Let It Go’ because it’s a girl song,” explained the boy beyond his years. “But, I mean, songs are for everyone. It’s music. It’s art.”

One more time!

Luke was more than ecstatic to sing as he stood right next to his idol to a sold-out crowd of enthusiastic fans. But after he sang the first time, Menzel invited him to sing it again!

“Can you all just shut up for a minute and let him sing it again?” asked Menzel kindly. The crowd went crazy with overwhelming cheers of support.

Standing Ovation

Having shaken off any nerves from his first rendition of the song, he happily obliged.

“So I sang it again.” Like said with a big smile on his face, “and the whole audience gave me a standing ovation and I was like, ‘Wow, this has never happened before!'”

Luke’s mom couldn’t have been more proud.

“I was just crying. It was just awesome to see your kid meet his idol and to live out a really fun dream.”


Listen for yourself!