Boy holds yard sale of his own toys to help pay for his dog’s medical costs

He suffers severe anxiety and depends on his support dog
July 5, 2018 3:27 pm Last Updated: July 5, 2018 3:27 pm

Yard sales are a great way to get rid of extra things you have lying around the house and they’re also good for making some quick cash.

Connor Jayne, 10, of Fairport, New York, wasn’t exactly interested in selling some of his toys, but he knew one of his best friends needed the money more than he needed his toys.

Connor recently held a yard sale at his home in New York to help pay for his dog’s medical costs.

(Photo by Mark Goebel, CC BY 2.0)

In 2016, Connor saw a number of specialists after he started to experience unexplained fatigue, aches, night terrors, headaches, and incontinence, along with uncontrolled behavior.

Despite all the tests, no one could figure out what was wrong, until one night, the family’s Doberman named Copper alerted Jennifer Jayne, Connor’s mom, to a problem.

“One night Copper begin barking at the door and I assumed the dog needed to go out, instead the dog ran to Connor’s room and I was actually able to see my son having seizure activity, I would have never known,” Jennifer told WROC-TV.

Copper helped diagnosis Connor’s seizure disorder.

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When the family got the now 4-year-old Doberman as a puppy, they had no idea how much of an impact he’d have on their life. Because he alerted Jennifer to her son’s seizure, she was able to catch it again only a few weeks later and this time she caught it on camera and was able to show it to Connor’s neurologist.

While Connor’s nocturnal seizures are now under control, he still suffers from “severe anxiety,” which Copper helps him cope with.

“He one of my best friends,” the 10-year-old said.

The Doberman is a registered service and emotional support animal.

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However, recently Copper began suffering his own medical problems.

The Jaynes first noticed their dog limping in December 2017, and it has recently started to “flare up.” Veterinarians believed Copper suffered from wobbler syndrome, a neurological disease that affects a dog’s spine in the neck region.

“When we found out how much the surgical consult and the MRI and surgery was going to cost we just realized we just didn’t have that money,” she said.

Copper recently suffered a medical setback that has left him unable to perform his duties.

Thanks to everyone we have our consult for the MRI on July 10th! This way we can know exactly what we're dealing with…

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Connor had an idea. In order to get his beloved pup the help he needed, he would part with his toys and use the money he made to pay for Copper’s treatment.

So far the family has raised over $17,000 for Copper.

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With the help of hundreds of fellow animal lovers who donated through the family’s GoFundMe page, the Jaynes have raised over $17,000 for Copper’s medical expenses.

Jennifer shared in an update that Copper’s visit with a specialist went well and she was hopeful that with “extensive therapy” would help, but if not, more testing would be ordered.

“Your donations have helped make this therapy possible!” she wrote. “It is very expensive and without your generosity we would not have the option we do so we thank you, so very much.”

The donations have helped the family get to the bottom of Copper’s illness.

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Copper will receive a proper diagnosis since he’s scheduled for an MRI consult on July 10. According to WROC-TV, any leftover money will be donated to help other animals in need.

The Doberman is currently undergoing laser and ultrasound therapy.

1st laser and ultrasound therapy. Lots of homework with heating pad every few hours and stretches but so worth it!

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You can follow Copper’s progress on Facebook.