10-year-old girl undergoes open heart surgery and her best friend stays by her side every day

“I know she would do the same for me, so I just came in because I wanted to support her because it’s a lot"
July 26, 2018 6:22 pm Last Updated: July 26, 2018 6:22 pm

Many kids are inseparable from their best friends, but few are quite like these girls who have each other’s backs when they need a friend the most.

Izzy Putnam and Addie Moulton, from Andover, Massachusetts, are best friends for life. They’re both 11-years-old, but they already have plans to go to Tufts Veterinary School together and become business partners.

So back in February, when Izzy found out she had a hole in her heart and had to undergo treatment at Mass General Hospital, her best friend rushed to her side—and stayed there all the way.

Screenshot via YouTube/CBS Boston

Every day for ten hours a day, Addie visited Izzy at the hospital, keeping her company and even playing nurse as her friend recovered from heart surgery.

“I know she would do the same for me, so I just came in because I wanted to support her because it’s a lot,” Addie told WBZ. “It’s open heart surgery.”

“She basically does everything for/with me,” said Izzy.

Screenshot via YouTube/CBS Boston

Both girls’ mothers say they have never seen a friendship quite like this.

“[Addie] was all in and wanted to do it and wanted to be there and from there it just never ended,” Addie’s mother Christine Moulton said.

“The day after surgery at three o’clock on the morning, she woke up, ‘where’s Addie where’s Addie where’s Addie,’” Izzy’s mother Laura Putnam said.

“To see that amount of love between girls of that age again … there are no words.”

Screenshot via YouTube/CBS Boston

When Izzy recently celebrated her 11th birthday in the hospital, it seemed like Addie wouldn’t be there. She told Izzy she would be in Florida at the time.

But when the big day rolled around, it was something truly special: Addie had actually planned a surprise party with all their friends.

“I thought I was exercising and then when I entered the room they all popped up and said, ‘surprise,’” Izzy said.

Screenshot via YouTube/CBS Boston

Luckily, Izzy was released from the hospital in July and will not need any further surgeries.

While they’re out of Mass General, Addie & Izzy will still be spending plenty of time together. The pair said they’re planning plenty of sleepovers ahead.