10-year-old boy finds out he’ll be a big brother, what he learns after that leaves him in tears

December 5, 2017 10:38 am Last Updated: December 5, 2017 10:43 am

These parents wanted to tell their son some incredible news, but wanted to get his genuine reaction using a few fun surprises.

They sat their son at a table, with his family surrounding him, and gave him a gift to open.

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“It’s not even close to my birthday … it already passed,” the boy said. He looked like he didn’t know what to expect, but was going along with it. What 10-year-old doesn’t like unexpected presents?

Upon opening it, he found a black shirt with some text on it. The words “Only Child” were at the top, but they were crossed out.

Below those words were even bigger words saying, “BIG BROTHER.”

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The boy read the text out loud, but had no idea what to make of it.

“Why would you have a big brother shirt?” His mother asked.

They slowly guided him to the answer; the boy looked like he knew it, but thought it was too bizarre to be true. His mother finally just spit out that she was pregnant!

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He struggled to come up with words at that point.

“This is new,” was all he could muster up, all while having a smile on his face. “This is really surprising to me.” It seemed like that announcement in itself was a lot for the 10-year-old to handle. But as the caption of the video tells the viewer, “Wait until the end!”

As it turns out, his parents weren’t done yet. The boy saw there was another present, but his parents wouldn’t give it to him until he asked the right question.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” he finally asked.

The boy guessed it might be a girl right before opening the other present. He opened it to see pink baby pajamas, showing he was correct in his prediction. Except that wasn’t the full answer. His mother told him to keep looking, which is when he found something else in the box.

A second pair of pink baby pajamas. His mother was having twins!

Once he found out, he completely lost it in tears of joy.

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He gave his parents a hug after, happy but overwhelmed by the entire situation. Many children, especially only children, dream of being a role model and older sibling, and he just found out he would have two younger siblings all at once.

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If his reaction would tell us anything, it’s that he wouldn’t have a problem being the best big brother he could be.

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