Theresa May Speaks at G7 Summit Press Conference

UK Prime Minister Theresa May answered questions after the G7 summit in Charlevoix, Quebec.

Video transcript:

Reporter: “Secondly, how do you feel when the president describes his great relationship with the EU leaders here. He doesn’t mention you by name.”

“Well, we have all been working around the table here at the G7 to achieve the agreements that we have achieved.”

“And we’ve had a very frank discussion with President Trump about the issue of trade, and about where we stand, where we all stand on this trade issue.”

“We want to see free and fair trade around the world. We want to see opportunities being opened up through trade, because the UK certainly believes, as do others here, that it is actually through trade that we can develop economies, that we can see countries prosper, that competition is encouraged, that competition drives innovation.”

“And that’s to the overall good of people – not just actually very often in two countries that are trading – but often that innovation leads to developments which are of benefit to people more widely.”

Reporter (Telegraph): “President Trump today made the rather extraordinary threat of threatening to sever all trade ties with the European Union in the event that the trade war escalates. How seriously do you take that threat, and do you have concerns he might pull out of his forthcoming visit to the U.K.?”

“No. President Trump and I had a brief word here at the summit about how he is looking forward to his visit in the U.K. and I look forward to welcoming him to the U.K. And on trade, as I say, we’ve agreed some steps forward that we will be taking collectively.”

“It is important that as we look at the framework we have for trade around the world and the World Trade Organization, we all recognize that some reform is needed in that. Reform is needed to improve the processes in WTO, particularly on dispute resolution which takes a long time, but also to ensure that it’s providing the framework for the economies of the future.”