UK Set for Highs of 23C This Weekend

October 11, 2017 Updated: October 11, 2017

A spate of warmer-than-normal weather is set to grace parts of the UK this weekend, with Sunday, Oct. 15, looking to be the peak of the balmy weather.

The mild spell is thanks to an air current moving north, pushing up warm air from the Mediterranean to the UK.

The Spanish plume is set to bring in temperatures between 20C and 23C in the South and the South East, depending on the levels of sunshine. It is 5 to 6 degrees higher than normal for this time of year.

“We’ll get a diluted version of Spanish weather,” said Steven Keates, a spokesman from the Met Office.

Temperatures could reach 23C in some parts of the UK. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

“It’s pretty good going for this time of year,” he said.

Saturday or Sunday evening would be best days for a BBQ, although the sunshine could be variable.

He added, “Normal maximum temperatures for this time of year are 14C to 15C in the South and around 11 degrees in the North.”

In the run up to the Indian Summer the forecast is more typical of British autumn weather.

Thursday looks to be 15C to 17C in the South or 14C to 15C in the North, Keates said. On Friday, the temperature is expected to climb to the high teens.

Tropical Storm Ophelia

As Tropical Storm Ophelia heads toward the UK, there’s a chance that it might get wet and windy early next week.

“A cold front will inevitably cross us next week,” said Keates.

It is expected to strengthen into a hurricane in the far eastern Atlantic Ocean by Thursday, possibly affecting parts of the Azores this weekend, per It then looks to be heading toward the UK’s west coast.

The storm is expected to hit the the western coast of Portugal by 8pm on Sunday.

If it becomes a hurricane, it would be the 10th consecutively named storm to develop into a hurricane.

It comes not long after hurricane Nate killed 25 people in Central America and thousands were forced to evacuate their homes.