Two Friends Meet up After Forty Years to Keep a Promise

April 13, 2016 Updated: April 14, 2016

Two friends were drinking together at a bar in 1976. They made a pact to meet up one more time at the same bar 40 years later, on a specific date. 

“I remember Joe reaching into his wallet and pulling out a dollar, and he tore it and I got my half and he got his half,” one of the men, Steve Morris, told CBS News.

If he ever even cared, I didn’t know.
— Steve Morris

He said that they would meet back at the same spot with the dollar bill. “Saved it for 40 years,” Morris said.

At the time, they wrote the date of the day, which was 4-4-76. On the other side, they wrote 4-4-2016 for April 4, 2016. “We just decided, no matter what happens, sometime in the future we’ll meet up again. So we shook on it,” recalled the other friend, Joe Whitehead, reported WFTV.

“If he ever even cared, I didn’t know,” Morris explained of his long-lost friend.

The two grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida, as best friends. But after a road trip, Whitehead moved away and the two lost contact.

Morris said, however, that he held onto his half of the dollar bill.

A few months ago, Whitehead called up Morris out of the blue—to remind him of the date. When the two met up, they both had their respective halves of the dollar bill.

It means so much that he had the same thoughts.
— Steve Morris

“It means so much that he had the same thoughts,” Morris said. “I just went under the broad assumption that since I did, he did,” Whitehead added.

One of the men kept the dollar in his wallet, and the other kept it in an area filled with important papers.

Morris added: “I mean, if there’s one person that you’d like to talk to, go back and talk to them. If they’re not around, you’ll regret it.”

When they met, the two got another dollar with another date for one year later.