Trump Wants Hillary Clinton to Enter 2020 Race to ‘Steal it Away’ From Warren

October 8, 2019 Updated: October 8, 2019

Republican President Donald Trump wants a rematch with Hillary Clinton, the former first lady and secretary of state, in the 2020 presidential election.

Taking to his favorite social media platform, Twitter, on Oct. 8, Trump announced: “I think that Crooked Hillary Clinton should enter the race to try and steal it away from Uber Left Elizabeth Warren.”

The president said that he had “only one condition” for Clinton to enter the race.

“The Crooked one must explain all of her high crimes and misdemeanors including how & why she deleted 33,000 Emails AFTER getting ‘C’ Subpoena!” Trump added.

Clinton responded on Twitter, telling Trump: “Don’t tempt me. Do your job.”

Rumors about Clinton entering the race at this relatively late stage have been flying lately, prompted in part by an upcoming event at Clinton’s house in Washington hosted by the Democratic National Committee and the Women’s Leadership Forum.

The Oct. 16 event costs $15,000 to $50,000 for attendees.

Some Democratic activists and thought leaders have pushed for Clinton to try again after losing to Trump in 2016, including the National Democratic Training Committee.

In an email last year sent via ThinkProgress, the committee said: “We’re still reeling from the 2016 Presidential Election. Even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost three MILLION votes—Donald Trump won because of Russian interference. We don’t think that’s fair. What if Hillary had another shot?”

The email included a poll asking people if they thought Clinton should run in 2020.

Hillary Clinton in Dade City, Florida, on Nov. 1, 2016, and Donald Trump in Warren, Michigan in Warren, Michigan, on Oct. 31, 2016. (Jewel Samad, Jeff Kowalsky/AFP/Getty Images)

Clinton has not indicated herself that she is thinking about another run.

A poll from Rasmussen Reports released this week showed Trump and Clinton at a dead heat.

“Some have speculated that if Joe Biden falters in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton will jump in. In a repeat matchup of the 2016 election, Clinton runs dead even with President Trump, but even most Democrats don’t want her to get into the race,” Rasmussen stated.

Approximately 45 percent of respondents favored Trump while another 45 percent favored Clinton in the hypothetical matchup.

But just 18 percent of respondents said they think Clinton should enter the race while 71 percent don’t think she should run.

Asked if they thought Clinton would win the Democratic nomination if she entered, 61 percent of respondents said that was unlikely.

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