Trump Says the Polls Are Stacked Against Him

By Steven Klett, Epoch Times
June 29, 2016 Updated: July 2, 2016

Donald Trump accused a recent poll of being “dirty” because the poll, which showed a large lead for Hillary Clinton, had surveyed more Democrats than Republicans.

Trump criticized ABC News/Washington Post poll that showed him trailing Clinton by 12 percent, saying “even they admit that many more Democrats were polled,” in a tweet on June 26.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll noted that they polled 10 percent more Democrats than Republicans. 

Trump has had an ongoing feud with the Washington Post. In fact, on June 13 he revoked press passes for the paper’s reporters because of “incredibly inaccurate coverage and reporting of the record setting Trump campaign,” he wrote in a post on Facebook.

However, pollsters argue that party affiliation isn’t always factored into polling. 

“Like most other major national polls, we don’t weight our data toward party identification,” wrote Douglas Schwartz, Ph.D., director of the Quinnipiac University Poll in a blog post in 2011. 

Schwartz noted that a Nov. 2, 2011 Quinnipiac poll showed Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 13 points, 35-22, and argued that weighing party affiliation would undermine the poll.

“If a pollster weights by party identification, they are in essence making an educated guess about what they think will happen,” Schwarz wrote.

“This undermines the scientific nature of polling,” he continued.  

The latest Quinnipiac poll—taken between June 21-27—shows a close race between Trump and Clinton, with 42 percent for Trump and 40 percent for Clinton. 

The real estate mogul has paid close attention to polling, especially during the primary season when he repeatedly tweeted the results of polls that showed him ahead of the Republican field, and more recently tweeting results of him trailing Clinton.

Trump has gotten off to a rocky start to the general election with his poll numbers dropping steadily this month, following his comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s heritage and his response to the shooting in Orlando, as well as mostly recently with Brexit. 

At RealClearPolitics, the polling averages, as of June 29, give Clinton a 6.2 percent advantage over the presumptive Republican nominee.