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Trudeau to Use ‘Terrorist Financing Act’ to Target Trucker Protests; Putin—To Invade or Not to Invade Ukraine

Not so long ago, we were hearing from corporate (mainstream) media of swastikas and Confederate flags flying high among the trucker protestors assembled in Ottawa. Symbolic depictions by the protesters of vaccine mandates being Nazi-like were distorted by the press to paint the protesters themselves as Third-Reich fascists. And as if that devastating association wasn’t enough, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now seems set on expanding laws reserved for terrorists and money launderers to bring the protesters into line.

In other news, contradictions and confused messaging continue to characterize U.S.–NATO’s standoff with Russia over the Russia–Ukraine conflict. The White House says that Russia’s Vladimir Putin going into Ukraine is still very much on the cards. Putin says that’s hilarious, notwithstanding that at the time of publishing this, he still reportedly has over 100,000 troops amassed on the border with Ukraine. What’s his next move likely to be? And what are some of the unspoken factors driving the decision-making of both sides in this “he says, she says,” geopolitical chess game?

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