Molly Phillips Designs Handmade Jewelry in Austin

May 30, 2018 Last Updated: May 30, 2018

Austin-based jewelry designer Molly Phillips has been in business for three years, and recently she talked about her jewelry line and showed off a variety of signature pieces.

Phillips grew up in McAllen, Texas, and her tropical brass-cut jewelry is inspired by it.

Photo Credit: Molly Phillips Jewelry

“You associate tropical feelings with McAllen, Texas. It’s very warm down there. It’s a little humid, so eating pineapple really makes you feel like you’re in the tropics,” said Phillips.

Her entire line is inspired by her home state, including Texas state shaped earrings and cactuses.

Photo Credit: Molly Phillips Jewelry

“Cactuses are everywhere throughout south Texas. They’re in our front yards, in the backyard, everywhere,” said Phillips.

All of the designs are handmade, molded, and mass-produced in-house with gold plating.

Photo Credit: Molly Philips Jewelry

One of her trendiest pieces right now are feather and pompom earrings.

“You can choose a different color varieties, whatever you prefer, but these are definitely on trend right now,” said Philips.

Photo Credit: Molly Philips Jewelry

The earrings are made from turkey feathers that are placed into a tassel holder and attached to the pompom top.

Philips’ confetti acetate earrings are inspired by 1960s fashion magazines.

Photo Credit: Molly Phillips Jewelry

“Everything in my line is really from the 60’s, so all of this is coming back and trending—the feathers, the pompoms, the acetate. Acetate was huge in the 60’s,” said Phillips.

Another great look are silk tassel earrings with gem tops, to give them a fancy and fun feel.

Photo Credit: Molly Philips Jewelry

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