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Top Scientists Publicly Dismissed Lab Leak Theory, but Privately Said It Could Be True | Truth Over News

Virologist and New South Wales Scientist of the Year Edward Holmes admitted before the world that he delayed releasing vital genomic data in the crucial early days of the COVID-19 outbreak due to “pressure” from the Chinese Communist Party.

Holmes, who has a long history of collaborating with Wuhan scientists, made this shocking admission at a function held in his honor this year.

But he failed to tell the audience about his role in publicly initiating the natural origins narrative when he was privately “80 percent sure the virus came out of a lab.”

Holmes wasn’t alone. Kristian Andersen, Holmes’s coauthor of the infamous proximal origin letter, publicly said that a lab leak was a crackpot theory while he privately said he was “60 to 70 percent” sure the virus came from a laboratory.

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