Thousands of New Yorkers Dine in All White

September 19, 2013 Updated: September 24, 2013

NEW YORK—Over 4,000 New Yorkers dressed all in white for a dinner party in Bryant Park Wednesday night. The Dîner en Blanc event marked its 25th anniversary this year, with New York participating for the third year in a row.

Over 12,000 people in 40 cities around the world participate in Dîner en Blanc every year. They all get together for a spontaneous evening of fine dining. François Pasquier, a Parisian, and his friends, created the concept of Dîner en Blanc.

Today, it is celebrated in over 16 cities across the U.S. and it’s growing. The rules are simple: you sign up on the website, if you get selected to participate you will be allowed to know the date of the event; however, the location is only disclosed just a few hours prior to the dinner.

The location is always a beautiful landmark where diners can see and be seen. You have to bring your own set up—tables, chairs, cutlery, glasses, white tablecloths, and food and you must wear all white. If you’re chosen, you may become a member and invite your friends the following year. All participants are required to leave the place as clean as it was when they arrived. Dîner en Blanc is organized by local groups who discovered a passion for the event. It is also the subject of a documentary Dîner en Blanc: the World’s Largest Dinner Party, showing how it has evolved into a “mesmerizing convergence of food, fashion, and friendship,” according to the organizers.