This Noodle Making Appliance Is The Future For All Noodle Fans

By Deborah Kim, Epoch Times

If you are the person who scoured through the entire city for authentic Japanese ramen, then you know that noodles are just as important as the broth.

Noodle-making is a widespread tradition in Asian cultures, particularly in Japan, that requires years of training to perfect the technique. At a professional level, the key to perfect noodles typically includes selecting special ingredients and tools, and dedicating a lot of patience.

However, you don’t have to become a professional chef to produce delicious ramen at your home.  

Dutch electrical manufacturer Philips introduced a noodle making kitchen appliance called “Philips Noodle Maker”, which produces authentic noodles in approximately 10 minutes.

(The video is in Japanese but you can get the general idea of how the Noodle Maker works.)

Currently available in China, Taiwan, and now Japan, the noodle maker promises fresh ready-to-use noodles without using up a lot of your energy. The appliance comes with four pasta making caps—each with a different noodle shape for Udon, Soba, Ramen, and Pasta—that you can screw onto the Maker for your desired noodle.

Epoch Times Photo
(L-R) The noodle caps are used to produce Udon, Soba, Ramen, and Pasta.

Instead of taking a big chunk of your time to hand pull and stretch the noodles, the Noodle Maker eliminate the labor intensive work for you to produce high quality, home styled noodles in three simple steps.   

All you need to do is adding in the ingredients and water, push a button and wait for the appliance to combine and knead the dough. When the dough is ready, the machine will push forth chewy noodles through the attached noodle-cap.

All that’s left is cutting the noodles at the desired length and dusting on the flour (to avoid sticking) before cooking the fresh noodles under boiling water. Even the most dedicated noodle fan will find that the application saves a great deal of time to produce delicious ramen straight from the kitchen. 

Epoch Times Photo
(You can create delicious handmade noodle dishes in your home with the Noodle Maker.)

The Philips Noodle Maker is sold in Japan with a price of ¥32,200 (or $313). And while it is a quite a hefty price for a kitchen application, noodle-lovers would find it worth the money spent.