This Happy Meal Math Puzzle Baffled Netizens Online, See How Your Meal Adds Up

June 1, 2019 Updated: June 6, 2019

Whether it’s a marketing ploy or not, this fun puzzle is dividing the internet and baffling many on social media. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, it turns out they threw in a few tricks. See if you can solve this one!

At first glance, this puzzle seems easy—how can it not when it involves milkshakes and fries, right? However, give it a try and you’ll soon see it’s a little more tricky than you might have thought!

Let's try this.

Posted by Keril on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

This amusing puzzle was posted on Facebook by Philippines-based blogger Keril, who wrote, “98 percent fails. Share first, only for geniuses. Answer fast if you are a genius.” Since the puzzle was posted in 2017, 13,000 curious users have tried to attempt this fiendish test. It has also been shared 18,000 times.

When you have your answer, please see the result down below … you might have to check again!

Illustration – Pixabay | RobinHiggins

In the meantime, here are some answers users are posting:

One user was confident about his answer and wrote: “It have [sic] been two ans 25 & 70, In mathematically the ans is 25, but in common sense the ans is 70. Ok.”

Meanwhile, another user thought beyond the “fries limit” and commented: “If you try burger per my picture the answer is $ S 7.765. However. the meal should cost 2.5 + 1.95 +2.7 = $ 7.15 only.”

©Facebook | Keril

A third one wrote, “10+10+10=30, 10+5+5=20, 5+2+2=9, 5+1•10=60.” This user was very close to the right answer but missed a fundamental math rule at the last step.

A fourth user jokingly said, “All of you are wrong. The only correct answer is Obesity.”

©Facebook | Keril

However, it turns out that the correct answer is 15.

Here’s an explanation:

Starting from the top, the value of the first equation (30) can be divided by the 3 shakes to give a value of 10 per shake. So, now we know that the value of 1 shake = 10.

In the second equation, we can subtract the value of 1 shake (10) from the total value (20), which gives us a difference of 10. Divide that number by the 2 burgers, which gives a value of 5 per burger. So, now we know that the value of 1 burger = 5.

Now, the third equation is where you have to be careful! First, subtract the value of 1 burger (5) from the total value (9), which gives us a difference of 4. Now for the fries—make sure you count them carefully! We can see that there are in fact 4 boxes of fries (2 sets of 2). So, that works out to a value of 1 per box of fries; 1 box of fries = 1.

In the final equation, they have one more trick up their sleeve (that is, for those of you who weren’t paying attention in grade 10 math class!). Be sure to pay attention to your “order of operations,” which means we have to solve the multiplication part before the addition part. So, the value of 1 package of fries (1) times the value of 1 shake (10) gives us a product of 10; then add the value of 1 burger (5), which gives us a final sum of 15, which is the correct answer!

Now be honest. How did your meal add up?