Friendly Goose Starts ‘Talking’ to Old Lady—When She ‘Replies,’ the Funniest Thing Happens!

Geese aren’t the most highly-esteemed animals when it comes to their human interactions.

Although the rather large birds aren’t considered predatory by nature, toward humans or other creatures, they do have a reputation for being more than a bit aggressive, chasing people off of lake shores and golf courses in hilarious videos far and wide.

For this goose and the old woman they lived near, though, their relationship is somewhat of an exception to the rule.

Most would be scared if a goose as big as this one flew up on top of them, but this woman is more than a little used to it. The two banter and chat, having the kind of relationship that you might expect from the elderly lady and a cat, as the big bird flaps its way up atop the woman’s shoulders to the amusement of observers.

When viewers caught wind of the hilarious interaction, though, a few chimed in that the experience isn’t quite as uncommon as we might think by the reputation geese have earned.

“I had a Domestic brown Chinese (like this one) gander show up on my horse farm years ago,” one commenter wrote. “He stayed and I was so glad he did. He was such a bright and humorous animal!”

Another added that she had a goose with similar behavior patterns, even going as far as to give it a name.

“My Lucy Goose resembles her except Lucy’s stripe down neck is to one side and curves,” she explained. “She is So funny! Eats from my hand.”

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | JukinVideo