This Adorable Horse is 21 Inches Tall—One of the Smallest in the World

January 30, 2018 Last Updated: January 30, 2018

Munchie is one of the smallest horses in the world. He stands just 21 inches tall and when he was rescued, he was driven to the sanctuary on someone’s lap.

Munchie was born with dwarfism, which, apart from his size, resulted in a curved spine, domed skull, and a pot-belly, StoryTrender reports. Horses with dwarfism suffer skeletal pain, dental and other problems.

But at 11 years old, Munchie so far doesn’t appear to be suffer from any of the typical dwarfism symptoms, according to Amber Barnes, spokesperson for Habitat for Horses where Munchie lives.

Munchie, whose full name is Sir Munchkin, was rescued at about two months old along with other horses and mini horses from a property in San Antonio, Texas, where they had been neglected.

He now lives with his mother, Melanie, and two other mini horses.

“Munchie acts as our official horse ambassador and has traveled to schools, libraries, and even nursing homes to teach kids about rescue horses,” Barnes said, according to StoryTrender. “He’s a sweet, laid-back little dude.”