Think You’re Not Addicted to Your Smartphone? This App Knows the Truth

By Liz Dwyer
Liz Dwyer
Liz Dwyer
July 4, 2014 Updated: July 4, 2014

You know Americans are addicted to their smartphones when they readily admit that they’d rather go without brushing their teeth and using deodorant than be without the electronic devices. But just how badly are you hooked on endlessly checking your Facebook feed and refreshing your Twitter and Instagram? Now there’s a free app that can tell you exactly how severe your problem is and nudge you to put your phone away.

If limiting access to your smartphone sounds scary, then that’s a sign that there might be a problem. Confession: I can be halfway to work, but if I discover that I’ve left my phone on the kitchen counter, I’ll turn around and go back to get it—even if it means I’ll be late. I don’t talk to Siri like she’s my girlfriend, as we saw in the movie Her, but, ahem, we are BFFs. And sometimes, my family complains.

Kevin Holesh told the Daily Mail  that he designed Moment because of his own smartphone addiction. 

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