There Is a Boy Hidden in This Group of Girls. Can You Spot Him Within 60 Seconds?

September 4, 2019 Updated: September 5, 2019

It might come as a surprise to find out that the time it takes to solve this cute little find-the-odd-one-out type of brain puzzle may have some correlation to how smart you really are. According to a short test, the faster you can solve it, the more clever you are.

Brain puzzles are not only a fun way to pass time but can also offer a variety of health and well-being benefits. Solving them can help improve focus and short-term memory. It can also have a lasting effect on your mood, concentration, and decrease stress levels.

Solving puzzles might be as beneficial for your mind as going to the gym is for your body. Exercising your brain increases its functions and in turn might help one lead a happier life. They can even serve as an excellent meditation method that can help relax one’s mind, and can also help prevent brain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

This particular type of puzzle has become quite trendy on the internet recently. It’s part of the find-the-odd-one-out category of brainteasers. These tests usually consist of images containing a multitude of identical figures, and the challenge is finding the one that often comes with a slight difference from the rest.

There are several social media groups and discussion forums dedicated to the finding and solving of these fun tests. In some of these communities, users compete against each other to see who can find the correct answer the quickest.

This specific test is one of the tougher ones. The majority of people who attempt it take between 2 and 10 minutes to find the hidden person.

This picture is formed of several cute cartoon images of girls. So it may astound you to know that somewhere hidden in that photo there’s also the face of a boy. So here is the test. Can you manage to find the boy that sneakily managed to hide amongst all the girls?

Before jumping to the bottom of the page to find out the correct answer, try locating the boy yourself. How long did it take you? Did he jump out in front of your eyes immediately, or were you stuck staring at the picture for several minutes?

Pass this on if you find him 🤔

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If you managed to locate the boy in under a minute, it means you are a genius. Don’t worry if it took you longer; puzzles are simply a case of practice makes perfect. The more you do, the better and faster you become.

If you are still moving your eyes all over the picture and still can’t find him, don’t stress, take another look to the bottom-left corner. There he is. He was only hiding from your vision.

What makes these types of brain puzzles interesting is that oftentimes, finding the result makes it a bit obvious, and you struggle to understand how you didn’t see it in the first place. But the more of these puzzles you manage to solve, the better your problem-solving skills will become over time. The human mind can indeed be incredible.