Theatergoer ‘Spritually Touched’ by Shen Yun

February 3, 2017

“I cried, I laughed. I was spiritually touched and it was absolutely, visually stunning. It was well worth it. I definitely recommend anyone who has a chance to come, to come. … [Shen Yun] really nailed it as far as taking the past and mixing it with the future and taking the Western music and mixing it with traditional music. I think that was really beautiful.”

“I teared out a couple of parts actually. I guess the first time I cried was when I saw the sleeves just flow and have all the colors. It was just really emotionally perfect with the music, it was right on key—it kind of took me back to my childhood.”

“I think that was very emotional, taking the baby [“Child’s Choice”] and just, it was really eye-opening. It was very informative.”

“Gorgeous. So incredibly gorgeous—the words [tenor lyrics], they were so powerful, taking about how you don’t need money and fame equals emptiness in your later years. And how to really focus in on what it is your purpose and finding your purpose. I think that was wonderful—heart touching.”

“Oh my goodness, the whole show [impressed]. The entire show. … The drums were fabulous, you could feel them in your chest and you really connected with the show on another level.”