The Triangle You Choose Will Reveal a Fascinating Fact About Your Personality

August 19, 2019 Updated: August 20, 2019

Geometric shapes can tell us a lot about our personalities because of the meanings we assign to them. It’s true that psychologists can reveal how we respond to the world around us by the way we, in turn, respond to shapes; they’ve even done research into it.

We tend to gravitate toward shapes that match our personalities.

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Ever wondered why you preference sharp corners over bevelled edges, or spots over stripes? Well, simple geometric shapes may have complex emotional meanings.

A study published by the US National Library of Medicine found that diagonal lines came across as more “threatening” than rounded features to their study subjects, while curves were linked to pleasant feelings and happiness.

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“That association is evident in a wide array of observations,” the study’s authors wrote, “including the facial features of tribal masks, and the preference for babyish faces that may derive from their rounded facial features.”

Whoever knew that sweet, round baby faces held so much subliminal power?

The triangle you pick can tell an important truth about you:

Posted by Bright Side on Friday, January 4, 2019

Because of the meanings we ascribe to them, the simple geometric shapes we are drawn to have a lot to say about our personality types. Are you game? Then accept our challenge, inspired by Bright Side, to choose a triangle from the row of five above and find out who you really are!

You picked Triangle 1

Illustration – Unsplash | Austin Distel

You are a determined individual with your eyes on the prize, dedicated to reaching your personal goals. While you might be a bit of a perfectionist, your peers, co-workers, and friends rely upon you to work hard and deliver when you say you will.

Owing to your tenacity, you are likely to be successful in whatever you do. Your attitude is particularly inspiring in the workplace!

You picked Triangle 2

Illustration – Unsplash | Anna Vander Stel

Your motives are transparent; you never try to dupe anyone, and people will be attracted by your warm, genuine personality. You value honesty above all else, and your friends think of you as a straight-talker who will always give them an honest opinion.

You like to maintain a positive stance on life, and you are always helpful if a loved one suffers a personal crisis.

You picked Triangle 3

Illustration – Unsplash | Lucrezia Carnelos

You are a practical, rational person, and sometimes a bit of a loner. It’s not unusual for your nearest and dearest to find you with your nose in a book, and your intellectual streak will take you far in school or in your vocational pursuits.

You are a strategic planner, confident and systematic, and can always be relied upon to plan trips, outings and projects that will go without a hitch. You’re a big nerd with an even bigger heart!

You picked Triangle 4

Illustration – Unsplash | Tim Gouw

If triangle 4 jumped out at you, then you are a passionate person, dedicated to the people and projects that move you most. You approach everything you do with confidence but occasionally stubbornness (it’s okay to be wrong once in a while!).

Your intense ambition may intimidate some people. However, those who know you well know that you are living your best life and doing what you do for all the right reasons!

You picked Triangle 5

Illustration – Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

Well hello, extrovert! You are pretty much the life of the party. A social butterfly and a great conversationalist, you love and are loved back by a great many people in your life.

Stay as grateful as you are for your close-knit family and friends and your life will always be filled with love and laughter. You are renowned for being a good listener, and it’s one of the things that attracts your friends to you the most; you really care.

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See? Triangles have way more than three sides when you look deep enough. Did you find out something new about yourself today or have any old suspicions confirmed? Share your findings with a friend!