The Russiagate Hoax Is Dead—But the Fake News Media Can’t Admit It

August 24, 2020 Updated: August 26, 2020


It’s nothing short of amazing to watch the usual “fake news media” suspects still flogging the long-dead Russiagate hoax, now that U.S. Attorney John Durham has rolled out the first related indictment.

Anybody who thinks this stops with the conviction of former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith hasn’t followed Spygate for the past three years as I have.

Think about what the Clinesmith indictment reveals: It reveals that Durham and his investigators are going right to the very heart of the fraud perpetrated on the FISA Court.

This very first indictment shows the FBI Crossfire Hurricane team and the Mueller special counsel team were well aware by June 2017 of the compelling necessity of hiding Carter Page’s longstanding relationship with the CIA from the FISA Court.

Why did they need to hide that relationship?

Because their “evidence” for the warrant alleging Page was a Russian agent came from a political propagandist named Christopher Steele, who was:

1. being paid by the Clinton campaign, and

2. misrepresenting the key source providing the Page allegations (who turned out to be a low-level research assistant at the Brookings Institute named Igor Danchenko).

What if the FBI admits to the FISA Court the relevant facts that:

1. Steele was a paid employee of the Clinton campaign,

2. who is using a Brookings research assistant disguised as a top Russian intelligence official as his source,

3. but that the CIA itself says Page isn’t a Russian agent and is, instead, a CIA intelligence asset reporting all his Russian contacts to their agency?

Steele’s Faked Evidence

The moment the FISA Court was alerted to the fact the CIA claimed Page as one of their own, the judge would have had to take a closer look at the Steele information. If that happened, the entire carefully managed fraud would begin unraveling.

How could Page be a Russian agent if he’s been keeping the CIA up to date about his contacts with top Russian officials, the same contacts the FBI is attempting to use in the warrant to claim he is working for the Russians?

If that happened, Steele’s hearsay allegations against Page would be exposed and the FBI was very likely not going to have the warrant approved.

So not only did the FBI hide at least three key relevant facts from the FISA Court to get the original warrant, they kept the fraud through the three subsequent renewals.

Durham Will Prove That Most Involved Knew Truth

Clinesmith altered the key email that stated Page was a CIA source, to read that he wasn’t a source. Clinesmith’s motivation for doing that is readily apparent: Admitting Page was a CIA good guy destroys the entire basis for the surveillance warrant.

Clinesmith altered the one copy of the CIA email that was sent to the FISA Court for the fourth renewal in June 2017, while he was sending other FBI/Mueller team members accurate copies of the same email.

Guess what that’s going to allow Durham to prove?

It will allow Durham to prove with documentary evidence that, just like Clinesmith, other FBI/Mueller team members knew the truth about Page, and they still hid that from the court as they continued to obtain warrants through what can only be described as acts of deliberate fraud.

It’s right there in Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s FISA abuse report from December 2019 that FBI Special Supervisory Agent (SSA) Stephen Somma deliberately hid several things from the FISA Court to obtain the Page warrant—including Page’s relationship with the CIA.

According to the Daily Caller:

“The report identifies six areas where the agent withheld information that contradicted the FBI’s working theory that Page was an agent of Russia. According to the report, Case Agent 1 withheld exculpatory statements that Page and another Trump campaign aide, George Papadopoulos, made to [Stefan] Halper. The agent also withheld information from Justice Department attorneys about Page’s longstanding relationship with the CIA.”

There’s a section in that report that details six separate issues in which Somma deliberately withheld evidence to ensure the original warrant and its three renewals were granted.

It’s Impossible to Limit the Hoax to Clinesmith

It simply isn’t possible to say that prosecutions for deliberately withholding evidence to fool the FISA Court into granting a warrant based on acts of deliberate fraud can be limited only to Clinesmith. There’s far too much evidence that’s already gone public that clearly shows this goes far beyond and above just him.

Durham is starting his prosecutions by demonstrating that many officials involved in this hoax knew from the start the basis for claiming Page was a traitor to his country was based on fraud, and knew they were deliberately framing a CIA source as a Russian agent.

You’re about to see, over the next several months, the DNC media propagandists—disguised as journalists—suffer from cognitive dissonance as they keep claiming the Russiagate Hoax is still alive and well, even as Durham is rolling out indictments of those who perpetrated it.

Brian Cates is a writer based in South Texas and the author of “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!” He can be reached on Twitter @drawandstrike.

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