The Robot Fish That’s Helping to Unlock the Secrets of the Deep

By John Smithies, Epoch Times
March 22, 2018 6:55 am Last Updated: March 22, 2018 6:55 am

It may look like a fish and swim like a fish but it’s pretty far from a fish.

Meet, SoFi, the robotic fish, which glides through the water with movements designed to mimic real fish.

SoFi has been developed by researchers at MIT and is the first robotic fish able to swim in the ocean with its variable currents and pressures.

It’s controlled by a diver using a small pad and can withstand depths of about 60 feet.

“For us, this fish is magical,” Daniela Rus, director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, told the LA Times.

“We imagine someday it might help us uncover more mysteries from the amazing underwater world that we know so little about,” she said.

SoFi has adjustable buoyancy enabling it to swim at variable depths, and uses ultrasonic signals that allow the diver to control it from about 50 feet away.

Researchers hope that the robotic fish will help them to study marine animals without disturbing them.

“With this robot, I hope we can begin to peek into the secret lives of underwater creatures,” Rus told the LA Times.