The Philadelphia-New York Battle for the 2016 Democratic National Convention: Why New York’s the Favorite

Do you go into the city center and wander aimlessly attempting to find something engaging to do with your time? Are your children listless and lacking in ambition? Are they under-stimulated? Are their grades dropping? Are they developing tics? Are you developing tics??? Do you find yourself looking for more cultural experiences? Would you like to meet more Jamaicans, Haitians, Russians, natives of India, Nigerians, Ethiopians, Iranians, Chinese, and Koreans? Is your Mayor a geek who bares an uncanny resemblance to the WordPress Squirrly?  Do you seek adventure after 10 pm only to find your surroundings vacant and uneventful? Are the people around you starting to talk to themselves and even sometimes sob to themselves as they walk the city streets? Do you find yourself taking anti-depressants and even illegal substances to pick yourself up? Do you get depressed on New Years Day having to watch that same parade, year after year, after year, after year?

THEN YOU PROBABLY LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA. The cure for these maladies can be found in New York, New York. Also known as The Big Apple. The City that never sleeps. The city so nice they named it twice. The concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

The DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION is well aware of these challenges in Philadelphia and will most certainly humor Philadelphia as they will other cities across the country. But they will (as should you) inevitably decide upon New York City because after all THE DNC is nothing but a big frat party and if given the choice between New York and Philadelphia for your frat party your decision will be a no-brainer. Let’s examine the many reasons why.

First and foremost you can’t beat New York for entertainment.  Hollywood isn’t at all the entertainment capital of the U.S., it’s the concrete jungle New York City.  While the convention would technically be held at The Barclay’s Center  in the borough of Brooklyn let’s not split hairs.  It’s Manhattan that’s on the minds of all those political animals.  From the delegates of small town USA to the POTUS.  If you must spend nearly an entire week in any town you may as well do it in New York.

Take a look at Times Square in Midtown Manhattan.  Here you’ll find bright lights, eateries galore, and can rub elbows with the likes of the Naked Cowboy, Iron Man, and Mickey Mouse.  Keep your eyes open and you’re likely to find a number of celebrities strolling about.  After all Times Square is in the same neighborhood of the Great White Way… Broadway.  You’ll find the worlds most celebrated actors and actresses here.  After a hard day of holding up signs and screaming out loud for politicians that you’ve probably never heard of,  you can now relax and take in a few plays.  Let’s get a list of the plays currently running:


Epoch Times Photo

 Current list of Broadway plays:

The Lion King, Rock Of Ages, Mamma Mia, Motown The Musical, Wicked, The Book Of Mormon, Matilda, Jersey Boys, Les Miserables (Yes it’s back!!!) , Aladdin, If/Then, Beautiful: The Carol King Musical, Cinderella, Chicago, Once, Pippin,  and Newsies.

Don’t forget that a host of your favorite bands and singers are bound to be appearing in town at one of New York’s hundreds of live venues, as well as your favorite comic at one of the many stand-up comedy clubs.

After you’ve seen your show, you can get a bite to eat at the world famous Sardi’s restaurant on 44 street.  Here you’re likely to catch one of the stars of those broadway shows having a bite with a family member or their manager.  Keep in mind that just about every celebrity in the entertainment industry has a residence in New York – if even just a part-time pied-a-terre.  But why not in Philadelphia?  Why? Because Philadelphia isn’t New York and they don’t want a residence in Philadelphia.  Really,  it’s just that simple.

Only in New York can you be sitting on the subway train and have actor Michael Shannon just stroll on to the train and stand there with either no one recognizing him or no one choosing to bother him.  Yes, this is how we do it in New York City.   Or maybe you’ll see the lovely Katie Holmes strolling about the Chelsea neighborhood with adorable little Suri in tow.

Eateries, Bars, and Pubs abound throughout the city, so after your meal don’t feel guilty about downing a few cold ones.  By day two of the convention you won’t hardly be the only hung-over democrat in New York City.  May as well go for it.



Manhattan is like the Walt Disney World of urban culture.  Much like the  Disney World park-hopper pass you can purchase a thirty-dollar metro card that will allow you to freely zip around every city attraction without digging for cash.  The thirty-dollar metro card is good for an entire week of unlimited ridership.    You can zip uptown and enjoy soul-food at Sylvia’s, then to Midtown for a double burger at Shake Shack, then after you take a stroll in nearby Central Park South, you can zip down town to the Tribeca neighborhood for a drink at Robert DeNiro’s Tribecca Grill and then zip further downtown for a boat ride to Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty.

Honestly, it is indeed a no-brainer.  You’re not going to want to stand in a two hour line in  Philadelphia to get a one minute glimpse of  broken Libery Bell, or fill up your gut with a greasy cheesesteak.  You work hard and you’re paying your hard earned money to make a vacation out of this convention.  You’re going to want to make this a convention that you won’t forget.  You’re going to want to do it in New York.

THE DNC IN NEW YORK, NEW YORK:  For people who want to enjoy the convention… not fall asleep in the middle of the day.