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The Left’s Inversion of Facts Surrounding the Election | Truth Over News

The Big Lie—a phrase that’s been repeatedly invoked by President Joe Biden and the Democrats since the November 2020 election. The Big Lie is a narrative specifically designed to ridicule and minimize those questioning the 2020 election outcome.

More recently, it’s gained increasingly ominous tones as Biden has sought to conflate current voting issues with Jim Crow laws and tie events on Jan. 6 to our nation’s bloody Civil War.

Biden recently claimed that “no other election has ever been held under such scrutiny and such high standards.”

If that’s really true, why is the Left so afraid of the basic auditing of election results? And why do they refuse to acknowledge the multitude of unprecedented problems with the election—and how our electoral system was flooded with tens of millions of unsolicited mail-in ballots?

Welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.

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