The Incredible Reason Why You Should Place a Sock Inside Your Car in the Cold Months

August 27, 2019 Updated: August 28, 2019

With an autumn chill already in the air, you are probably anticipating how irritating it will be to start your car in the fall and winter months before heading to work.

After you’ve scraped the frost and snow from the windshield and got on the road, the windows suddenly fog up due to condensation caused by the cold weather. It’s dangerous, not to mention annoying.

What you may not expect is finding a solution to this in two very common and easy-to-procure household items. It might seem incredible, but you may be able to avoid condensed car windows with the help of old socks and some cat litter.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Menna

What started as moisture in the air and upholstery turns into fog or even frost on the windows depending on how cold it is. But there is an ingenious trick you can try that may absorb the humidity in your car and prevent both fogged up and frosted windows. That means less wasted time and stress on your drive.

According to a video by Dave Hax, all you need is two socks and a bit of cat litter.

The first thing you need to do is choose two socks and ensure they are free from rips and tears. Tube socks are perfect for this task. As for the cat litter, the recommended type is a silica-based litter. That’s because it’s highly effective in absorbing moisture and odors along with it leaving very little dust behind.

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In order to pour the cat litter into the sock, you can pull it over a large roll of tape, which creates a suitable opening. Then slowly and carefully pour the cat litter inside the sock until it reaches the ankle. It should have the shape of a tube.

After you’ve done that, simply tie a knot and secure it in the end before covering it with a second sock. That’s to ensure that none of the litter leaks into your vehicle. Now, your anti-moisture device is ready to go to your car.

After you’ve finished making this crafty little contraption, you can go ahead and place it on your dashboard. You could also tuck it under any of your seats. But for double efficiency, you may want to put another one right next to your back windshield. The silica in the cat litter should start absorbing dampness as long as it’s placed inside the vehicle in an open space.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Marianne Catafesta

Over several days, the litter inside the socks will slowly absorb the moisture in your car and help dry up the air and the interior. Hopefully, over time, you may start noticing less fog or frost on your car windows. And as a result, going for a drive either to work or to run errands will be a less discouraging experience during the colder months.

When it’s cold outside, getting from one place to another tends to become more difficult. The weather is unpleasant, roads can get snowed up, and day-to-day commutes can be discouraging. However, it’s incredible how implementing a simple trick and using two very accessible items can make your drives less of a hassle.

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