The Hairdo, Your Best Holiday Season Accessory

By Kati Vereshaka
Kati Vereshaka
Kati Vereshaka
December 25, 2013 Updated: December 26, 2013

You may have your party outfit figured out with new shoes and festive accessories, but it will only be truly complete with a great hairdo.

Nowadays, even Hollywood stars are sporting more natural-looking tresses and this translates into styles that are also easily achievable at home.

It all starts with healthy hair. Once the gifts are wrapped, decorations are in place, dinner is on the way, it’s time to relax and pamper yourself.

Your hair will be thirsty for some deep conditioning treatment. Whether you have your own family recipe or a top-of-the-line salon formulation, slather it on and let your hair and scalp soak in the goodness.

After washing it off you will have the perfect blank canvas to create your do. Be methodical, do your research, or just let your favorite hairdresser work his or her magic.

Harold Leighton, who started in the beauty industry in London, shares with us his thoughts and tips on how to achieve the latest styles.

Beth Behrs: Blond Top Knot
Harold Leighton: I like this hair and style. It has good shine using the right products to have a professional hairdo image. Both hair and makeup suit her very much—10/10. This is a run-up to the Oscars so it is great to see nice hair again.

Naya Rivera: Dark Brown Waves
Harold Leighton: This is an easy style to do at home using the barrel (or multi barrel) hot iron. If one is adept in doing one’s own hair then this is it. Always use a range of products to develop shine and hold.

Rose McIver: Long Blond Volume
Harold Leighton: Simply blow dry, then use the hot iron to develop curl. Alternately, when hair is blown dry, roll it up in rollers then spray a soft holding spray to achieve curl on long hair. You cannot go wrong.

Victoria Summer: Short Cut
Harold Leighton: A nice haircut enhanced by rich warm brown tones and so easy to maintain. After washing, use a styling product to give it some extra body and shine. This is a great looking haircut. We should see more of these about.

Amanda Righetti: Updo Chignon
Harold Leighton: This is a professional hairdo that has obviously been created by her hairdresser. So nice to see hair that has been beautifully put together using the right hair products to keep it looking good throughout the evening.

Wendy Nguyen: Updo With Braid
Harold Leighton: This Updo is enhanced by the use of a false braid to keep the hair style together. This is easy to do at home by putting ones hair into a small bun and holding it in place with a few brown plastic pins—they are nicer than bobby pins and a must for anybody with long hair. Use a holding spray to keep the shape together.

Cailin Russo: Bob
Harold Leighton: Good looking blond bob length hair—just too stylized! It just needs a wide comb or Denman style brush raked through her hair to soften it up, then use a soft spray for holding. Love the color, great makeup.

Harold Leighton started in the beauty industry in London in the 1960’s. Currently, he lives in Florida and writes about beauty and interesting people.

Deep Conditioning Olive Oil & Egg Yolk Hair Treatment
6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 egg yolk
2 drops lavender oil
Mix and rub into your hair and scalp.
Wrap your hair in clingfilm and wait for 20 minutes to 30 minutes.
Wash normally, shampooing twice, and use only a small amount of conditioner on the ends.
Rinse and towel dry.

Kati Vereshaka
Kati Vereshaka