The Deep State Boos Trump at the World Series

October 30, 2019 Updated: November 1, 2019


When the Chicago Cubs finally made it to the World Series after years, America, not just Chicago, cheered. At long last they’d made it to the Big Show. Good for them and their long-suffering fans.

It’s hard to feel the same way about the Washington Nationals who took a similar trying path. Indeed, given the behavior of the Nats’ fans, booing President Donald Trump’s appearance at the stadium, calling for him to be “locked up,” on the very day the assassination of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, one of the most heinous terrorists of all time, was announced, many people outside DC are feeling the reverse. They’re disgusted with those Nats fans.

Worse, the same rude jerks or their friends and relations took to Twitter to attack Trump for not bringing his 13-year-old son Barron to the game. Was that so the young man would be subject to the same vicious opprobrium as his father, maybe pelted with half-eaten hot dogs or dumped on with leftover beer? How sophisticated these Washingtonians are! Kind, caring adults? They’re more like wannabe child abusers.

These same self-centered Beltway-types have no idea what their fellow citizens across the country think of them. Or maybe they don’t care. A lawyer friend of mine, who always roots for the National League team, sent me an email that for the first time he was breaking his rule and rooting for Houston. He listed the game score this way:

Houston 3

Deep State 2

That was about the size of it. The Washington Nationals have become the team of the deep state, their fans overcome, as so much of the nations’ capital, with unrelenting Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Their team might as well be renamed the Washington Deep Staters or maybe the Capitol Swampers.

That may be unfair to the players, but that certainly defines their fans, as demonstrated at the game Sunday night. That stadium was filled with angry people who despised Trump because the president might actually fulfill his campaign promise and drain the swamp—placing their sinecure-like jobs in jeopardy. Who cares about Baghdadi? Or the rest of America, for that matter?

This ugly behavior, however, was in no way surprising. Deep State Washington abhors Trump to such a degree that that same day, in a banner headline, the Washington Post described Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar” instead of what he was—a religious fanatic dictator who beheaded people and raped women (before beheading them).

The deranged—what other word could we use—writer of that headline was clearly so upset that Trump was getting some credit for finally bringing Baghdadi to justice that he Bowdlerized the despot beyond recognition. If Trump had killed Hitler, the headline writer would have described Der Fürhrer as a “noted water colorist.”

One wonders if the writer was in the stands for the game that night, booing away. If he or she was, he or she would have been among friends, the same people who will do anything to impeach Donald Trump even if there is no impeachable crime anywhere in sight. His very presence demands impeachment.

Something tells me the rest of the country isn’t buying any of this. In their unrestrained anger, the boo-birds are reelecting Trump.

Co-founder of PJ Media, Roger L. Simon is an author and screenwriter. His new book is “The Goat.”



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