The Debrief – Miller’s Mission

June 14, 2018 Last Updated: June 14, 2018

Tim Miller’s nonprofit organization Texas EquuSearch found hundreds of missing people since its establishment in 2000. But this time the spotlight is back on his daughter. She went missing from League City in 1984. She was only 16 years old. Her body was found in 1986 at the ‘killing field’ along side three other women.

Since 1986 Miller had a suspicion who killed his daughter—he believed it was his neighbor Clyde Edwin Hedrick who lived a few doors down. In 2013 Hedrick was charged with a 30-year-old murder case and when he was awaiting trial he supposedly told three cellmates that about Laura (Miller) and some other cases.

Tim Miller explained,”And Clyde actually admitted to three cellmates when he was in jail waiting to go to trial on Ellen Beason, he had sex with Laura before he murdered her that he murdered Heidi Fye, how he murdered Ellen Beason. There is one thing that is worse than having a murdered child and that is knowing that they are dead somewhere and never being able to say goodbye. I want to find out who Jane Doe is so we can get her to her family.”

Miller met with FBI again to discuss new leads on who Jane Doe is. Miller has dedicated his life and his nonprofit to help people to find their loved ones dead or alive.

The court documents listed incidents Hedrick was involved in it including enticing a child, criminal trespass, driving while intoxicated, terroristic threat, evading arrest, assault, possession of a controlled substance, theft, abuse of a corpse, criminal mischief, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, attempted arson, assault, and battery.

The trial began March 25, Hedrick was found guilty in the murder of Ellen Beason and was sentenced to 20 years.