[VIDEO] ‘The Bottle Boys’ band makes BRILLIANT music with recycled bottles, it’s just amazing!

November 28, 2017 Last Updated: December 23, 2017

These boys make music with recycled bottles, and it sounds brilliant!

The Bottle Boys are back again! This time, they performed the 1983 hit song by Michael Jackson, “Beat it,” by blowing and banging on wine, beer, coke and plastic bottles…as usual!

These boys posted their rather unique rendition on their YouTube channel, which showcases their musical aptitude.

A member from the group, Philipp, commented: “We could play Michael Jackson songs all day long – there is so much gold!!

Recycled beer bottles never sounded so good. As they hum along to the rhythm, you may even feel like dancing along to the beats too!

Philipp, Johannes, Martin and Kaspar, who have been playing music together since college days, have definitely pulled it off!

The rendition of “Beat it” by the Denmark-based boys, is so entertaining. Moreover, they also blended in a “bottlified” version of Eddie Van Halen’s legendary guitar solo in their performance, shot in a brewery!

And their fans are impressed, with one user called Sandsculptor commenting: “Keep up producing these entertaining videos and I hope to continue seeing you all, with all your teeth intact…  ha-ha.”