Experience the Best Cuisine in the Birthplace of Los Angeles: Olvera Street

June 26, 2018 Last Updated: June 26, 2018

The original city of Los Angeles was founded as a farming community by indigenous people from Northern Mexico in 1781.

Then on Easter Sunday in 1930, Olvera Street, one of the most famous landmarks of Los Angeles, was opened and has since become well-known as the city’s birthplace.

Even today, Olvera Street still has some of the oldest buildings in the city. It also has some of the oldest restaurants, such as Cielito Lindo and Chiguacle, which are still celebrating their Mexican roots by serving recipes with a rich history.


Cielito Lindo began with a woman who immigrated from Zacatecas, Mexico, to Los Angeles as a poor single mother. She created her own recipes for the restaurant’s signature taquitos and avocado salsa, which have stayed unchanged since the 1930s.

The woman’s great-granddaughter and current Cielito Lindo owner Vivianna MacManus revealed that the meat for the taquitos are slow-cooked for over 24 hours. It’s spicy, but not too much, so that the avocado salsa can be the highlight.


With the outstandingly authentic food and the authenticity of Mexican culture, almost no other eateries can compare with Cielito Lindo in the area.

Except Chiguacle. Co-owner Alonso Arellano was raised by his grandmother in rural Mexico, and the restaurant features recipes that represent his family. They also added other recipes from Southern Mexico, which are believed to be more authentic and less influenced by the Western diet.

Arellano also said that all of their recipes were created by people hundreds of years ago, and all the honor should go to their ancestors.


As a community member, and a part of Los Angeles, the Olvera Street has had an important meaning to the locals.

“This little town of Los Angeles was really kind of started with a little seed called El Pueblo,” said Arellano. “This is a part of Mexico. And it’s a part of all of us here in LA.”