The Beauty of Shen Yun ‘Brought Tears to My Eyes,’ Says Business Owner

January 22, 2017

“[I feel] a lot of strength and conviction. It brought tears to my eyes, absolutely wonderful, beautiful—beautiful performances, beautiful costumes, beautiful scenery. Amazing, absolutely amazing.”


“[My feeling watching Shen Yun is that] life is a lot better than we think. That’s my feeling. Life is definitely worth living, definitely worth living with the people that you love. An amazing performance.”


“The power [of tenor Tian Ge’s voice] was just mind-blowing if I can say that word, and unexpected as it grew and it grew and it grew and just exploded. That was the feeling. That was amazing; beautiful.”


“[In the dance titled ‘Mongolian Bowls,’] the lines that they created were phenomenal in movement, then the saucers on the head were spinning, and then pouring the [milk tea] out of the end—phenomenal.”