Thanks to Spygate, Trump Can Purge Corruption In One Swoop

April 19, 2019 Updated: April 23, 2019


The United States is witnessing history, as a corrupt network of “deep state” career officials has been actively working against President Donald Trump and the interests of the American people.

During the 2016 elections, this network—alongside politicians, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and foreign government officials—helped create the false narrative that Trump colluded with Russia. The goal was first to prevent him from becoming president, and after that failed to undermine it as much as possible.

These people have been the source of the creation of the fake Russia-collusion narrative, unauthorized leaks, and calls for impeachment. It has sowed chaos, turned Americans against one another, and rallied a base of public support through disinformation and emotional agitation.

This Spygate scandal involved the Obama administration using the powers of spy agencies and corrupt legal systems to surveil a political opponent, in an attempt to alter the outcome of an election. The spying on the Trump campaign involved some of Obama’s top officials, such as National Security Adviser Susan Rice and CIA Director John Brennan.

Meanwhile, key players in the Clinton team and the Democratic National Committee were involved in creating disinformation and spreading this throughout a network in the U.S. government and in legacy news outlets.

Yet, these attempts have so far failed. Instead, they have gathered together all the corrupt elements in the U.S. intelligence agencies, the Justice Department, the State Department, city governments, the Senate, Congress, the judiciary, non-profits, legacy news outlets, and private companies.

Spygate, and the Trump-Russia conspiracy it helped create, exposed this full corrupt network and each person involved. It has gathered together, in one place, the major figures of corruption in the U.S. government.

And the number of officials involved is not small. While key officials in the Obama administration played crucial roles in instigating and executing the investigations into the Trump campaign, officials across the government appear to have been involved.

Foreign Government Connection

The force of corrupt elements that Trump faced was not just in the United States, as even  foreign governments colluded in the Spygate scandal.

Take for example the fact that the UK was sharing information it had gathered on the Trump campaign with members of the U.S. intelligence committee as early as late 2015. It was then-CIA Director Brennan who used unofficial intelligence from the UK to push the FBI to open an official investigation.

It was also a former British intelligence official, Christopher Steele, who became the main proponent of the false allegations that Trump colluded with Russia. Claims that have now been definitely proven false by the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

And it was Australia’s highest-ranking diplomat in the UK, Alexander Downer, who propelled the claim that low-level Trump campaign adviser George Papadapolous told him that he had knowledge about the fact that Russia had Hillary Clinton’s emails—something Papadapolous has denied himself. Notably, Downer had played a key role in 2006 to approve a $25 million donation by Australia to the Clinton Foundation, which is one of the largest in the foundation’s history.

Yet, the conspiracy that was acted out has in effect gathered all these corrupt individuals—who dared to rig an election, tarnish a presidency, and mislead a nation—and has placed them together in a single scandal to be exposed at once.

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