TexPlex Park Midlothian

May 21, 2018 Last Updated: May 21, 2018

There is a lot to do at the TexPlex park but for the sheer adrenaline rush, it is hard to beat the offroad thrill ride.

At the wheel is a professional UTV driver, Billy Champion.

“It gives you that thrill of actually being in the co-pilot seat of a real race car,” explained Champion. “This course is about almost two miles, takes about 3 minutes to get around it.”

The UTV Racing course is just a tiny portion of this unique 1,000-acre playground. Which opened near Midlothian in the summer 2017 and is continuing to evolve.

“A whole new realm of experiences, we want to offer up things that have never been seen like a jet boat ride,” said Tommy Kehoe, founder, and managing partner of TexPlex Park.

Tommy Kehoe is also a pilot on the park’s newly opened ride, featuring a custom-built boat with a Corvette engine.

“There is nobody doing this at our level at this scale with this many offerings,” said Kehoe. “We have motor cross riding and racing, both have tracks and trails. We have 250 acres of mountain biking and BMX, we have 2 different boat rides, and we have 2 different shooting ranges.”

“If you had to choose one adventure in Tommy Kehoe’s backyard dreamland, riding shot gun with Billy Champion is pretty intense,” said Richard Ray.

“It’s a course that is specifically designed for the UTV racing, it has a series of jumps and big bank turns and the rhythm sections that are just a lot of fun. It’s great [for the] spectator as well,” said Champion. “I usually get a few screams out of them, so it’s a lot of fun. Nothing like it in the country.”