Texas Woman Making and Donating Superhero Capes for Children of Dallas Police

By Sherley Boursiquot, Epoch Times
July 15, 2016 Updated: July 15, 2016

A woman of Frisco, Texas, wanted to honor real heroes and to give solace to children in pain.

Alicia Lopez has been making superhero capes for the children of the Dallas police officers (DPD) who were shot and killed on July 7 by a gunman at a Black Lives Matter protest.

Lopez, whose father is also a Dallas police officer, felt it was her calling to turn her business  into an act of kindness after the death of four Dallas Police officers and one DART officer, according to NBC DFW.

“I grew up with that constant fear of hugging my father and not knowing if he would come home,” Lopez told the station.

“Every time he left in his uniform, I felt sadness,” she said.

Lopez’s father was not present during the horrific shootings, but considering the fear she had growing up, she empathizes with the five families.

“Pain for the families,” Lopez said. “And prayers that they can find peace and hope.” 

Because Lopez knows first hand what the families are going through—especially the children of DPD officers, she thought of a creative way to help them cope.

“I knew I wanted to make capes for real heroes,” Lopez, who owns The Cape Lady, explained. “I knew I had to get these capes to the children of these officers so that they could feel that way as well.”

She said the capes symbolizes heroism. “All of the strong, good guys wear these capes.”

Lopez set up a GoFundMe page on July 12 to help raise money for the capes that will be given to the children of the fallen officers—as well as other children of Dallas PD officers. 

“I completely understand and feel the worry that these children live through every time mommy or daddy leaves the house.  I believe that through these capes we can restore hope, encourage young hearts, and honor those who protect and serve us! It is a great way to raise moral and recognize the real heroes of this world! Imagine the change we could do in someone’s home with the simple gesture of a cape!” Lopez wrote on the fundraising page.

Lopez, who is asking for donations in increments of $10, hopes to raise $3,000. “We will be able to donate one cape for every $10 raised!” she wrote.

Her goal is to make 300 capes.