Texas Holds Tax Holiday for Water-Efficient Products

May 24, 2018 Last Updated: May 24, 2018

No tax on water-efficient products like plants, and sprinkler systems this weekend.

According to Daniel Cunningham, Texas A&M University AgriLife, “This one has been going on 3 years and it’s basically focused on how we can save water inside the house and also outside in the landscape.”

“All plants are tax-free, this weekend Saturday, Sunday, and Monday the Memorial Day weekend,” said Cunningham. “Fruit trees, although it’s a little late to be putting those in the ground, there are some practices we can use to make sure we’re watering those efficiently. Different Mediterranean herbs, like the rosemary we have here, but also different types of trees, flowers, and shrubs.”

“We like to focus on native and adapted plant material, that’s adapted to our soil, adapted to the hot temperatures that we have here already,” said Cunningham. “A lot of people think that we’re talking about native adaptive plants such as cacti and yucca, but there are beautiful blooming plants that thrive in our landscape.”

“To get those plants to survive one of the things we can do is incorporate compost into the soil which works like a sponge, holding moisture, and them put 2 to 4 inches of mulch on top of that to hold the moisture in the soil, keep it from evaporating on the hot dry days,” explains Cunningham.

A smart controller sprinkler system will help you water your yard according to the weather.

“Every smart controller that has this EPA WaterSense label on it, meaning it’s up to 20 percent more efficient, all these are going to be tax-free this weekend,” said Cunningham. “Also just some of the basic ones that can do different cycle and soak options to be more water efficient. Drip irrigation is also tax-free, any type of water sense labeled sprinkler bodies are also tax-free this weekend.”

One tip that Cunningham wanted to share was “Turn your irrigation controllers off when we’re getting plenty of rainfall and save it for the times in between the drought periods when we aren’t getting rainfall, that’s the best way to save water.”

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