Texas Bus Crash Kills Two, Injures Dozens

April 11, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Texas bus crash: A bus crash on Thursday near Dallas left two people dead and dozens more injured.

The bus was transporting several dozen elderly Texans to a casino in Oklahoma when the vehicle crashed in Irving in the morning, reported the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Fifteen of the most seriously injured passengers, who were between the ages of 66 and 80 years old, were taken to a hospital in Dallas. The vehicle hit a concrete median and turned over on its side.

“Before we left, the bus driver got up and introduced himself,” Dan Risik, 73, of Fort Worth, told the paper. “He’s been driving for 30 years, so he was very, very experienced, to say the least.”

He said another passenger believed the bus crash was due to a tire blowout. “We were moving right along,” Risik said. “All of a sudden–crash, bang, boom.”

Risik told the publication that he was in an aisle seat when the bus crashed.

“All I know is, all of a sudden, the bus started to shake and rattle real bad, like a crash sound,” he added. “The next thing I knew we were laying on our side and people were hollering and screaming on top of each other.”

The wreck occurred along President George Bush Turnpike in Irving, just east of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

“It was pretty bad, people screaming,” said Ed Cluck, who stopped after driving by the wreck and seeing smoke. He said he popped the bus’ roof hatches and helped six to eight people escape.

“It was just people stacked on top of each other,” he said.

“It’s just a lot of injuries, a lot of people in shock, broken bones,” added Robert Hare, another motorist who stopped to help. He said many passengers were crying and appeared to be in shock as they were pulled from the wreckage.